html.vim   [plain text]

" Vim syntax file
" Language:	HTML
" Maintainer:	Claudio Fleiner <>
" URL:
" Last Change:  2006 Jun 19

" Please check :help html.vim for some comments and a description of the options

" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
if !exists("main_syntax")
  if version < 600
    syntax clear
  elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
  let main_syntax = 'html'

" don't use standard HiLink, it will not work with included syntax files
if version < 508
  command! -nargs=+ HtmlHiLink hi link <args>
  command! -nargs=+ HtmlHiLink hi def link <args>

syntax spell toplevel

syn case ignore

" mark illegal characters
syn match htmlError "[<>&]"

" tags
syn region  htmlString   contained start=+"+ end=+"+ contains=htmlSpecialChar,javaScriptExpression,@htmlPreproc
syn region  htmlString   contained start=+'+ end=+'+ contains=htmlSpecialChar,javaScriptExpression,@htmlPreproc
syn match   htmlValue    contained "=[\t ]*[^'" \t>][^ \t>]*"hs=s+1   contains=javaScriptExpression,@htmlPreproc
syn region  htmlEndTag             start=+</+      end=+>+ contains=htmlTagN,htmlTagError
syn region  htmlTag                start=+<[^/]+   end=+>+ contains=htmlTagN,htmlString,htmlArg,htmlValue,htmlTagError,htmlEvent,htmlCssDefinition,@htmlPreproc,@htmlArgCluster
syn match   htmlTagN     contained +<\s*[-a-zA-Z0-9]\++hs=s+1 contains=htmlTagName,htmlSpecialTagName,@htmlTagNameCluster
syn match   htmlTagN     contained +</\s*[-a-zA-Z0-9]\++hs=s+2 contains=htmlTagName,htmlSpecialTagName,@htmlTagNameCluster
syn match   htmlTagError contained "[^>]<"ms=s+1

" tag names
syn keyword htmlTagName contained address applet area a base basefont
syn keyword htmlTagName contained big blockquote br caption center
syn keyword htmlTagName contained cite code dd dfn dir div dl dt font
syn keyword htmlTagName contained form hr html img
syn keyword htmlTagName contained input isindex kbd li link map menu
syn keyword htmlTagName contained meta ol option param pre p samp span
syn keyword htmlTagName contained select small strike sub sup
syn keyword htmlTagName contained table td textarea th tr tt ul var xmp
syn match htmlTagName contained "\<\(b\|i\|u\|h[1-6]\|em\|strong\|head\|body\|title\)\>"

" new html 4.0 tags
syn keyword htmlTagName contained abbr acronym bdo button col label
syn keyword htmlTagName contained colgroup del fieldset iframe ins legend
syn keyword htmlTagName contained object optgroup q s tbody tfoot thead

" legal arg names
syn keyword htmlArg contained action
syn keyword htmlArg contained align alink alt archive background bgcolor
syn keyword htmlArg contained border bordercolor cellpadding
syn keyword htmlArg contained cellspacing checked class clear code codebase color
syn keyword htmlArg contained cols colspan content coords enctype face
syn keyword htmlArg contained gutter height hspace id
syn keyword htmlArg contained link lowsrc marginheight
syn keyword htmlArg contained marginwidth maxlength method name prompt
syn keyword htmlArg contained rel rev rows rowspan scrolling selected shape
syn keyword htmlArg contained size src start target text type url
syn keyword htmlArg contained usemap ismap valign value vlink vspace width wrap
syn match   htmlArg contained "\<\(http-equiv\|href\|title\)="me=e-1

" Netscape extensions
syn keyword htmlTagName contained frame noframes frameset nobr blink
syn keyword htmlTagName contained layer ilayer nolayer spacer
syn keyword htmlArg     contained frameborder noresize pagex pagey above below
syn keyword htmlArg     contained left top visibility clip id noshade
syn match   htmlArg     contained "\<z-index\>"

" Microsoft extensions
syn keyword htmlTagName contained marquee

" html 4.0 arg names
syn match   htmlArg contained "\<\(accept-charset\|label\)\>"
syn keyword htmlArg contained abbr accept accesskey axis char charoff charset
syn keyword htmlArg contained cite classid codetype compact data datetime
syn keyword htmlArg contained declare defer dir disabled for frame
syn keyword htmlArg contained headers hreflang lang language longdesc
syn keyword htmlArg contained multiple nohref nowrap object profile readonly
syn keyword htmlArg contained rules scheme scope span standby style
syn keyword htmlArg contained summary tabindex valuetype version

" special characters
syn match htmlSpecialChar "&#\=[0-9A-Za-z]\{1,8};"

" Comments (the real ones or the old netscape ones)
if exists("html_wrong_comments")
  syn region htmlComment                start=+<!--+    end=+--\s*>+
  syn region htmlComment                start=+<!+      end=+>+   contains=htmlCommentPart,htmlCommentError
  syn match  htmlCommentError contained "[^><!]"
  syn region htmlCommentPart  contained start=+--+      end=+--\s*+  contains=@htmlPreProc
syn region htmlComment                  start=+<!DOCTYPE+ keepend end=+>+

" server-parsed commands
syn region htmlPreProc start=+<!--#+ end=+-->+ contains=htmlPreStmt,htmlPreError,htmlPreAttr
syn match htmlPreStmt contained "<!--#\(config\|echo\|exec\|fsize\|flastmod\|include\|printenv\|set\|if\|elif\|else\|endif\|geoguide\)\>"
syn match htmlPreError contained "<!--#\S*"ms=s+4
syn match htmlPreAttr contained "\w\+=[^"]\S\+" contains=htmlPreProcAttrError,htmlPreProcAttrName
syn region htmlPreAttr contained start=+\w\+="+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ end=+"+ contains=htmlPreProcAttrName keepend
syn match htmlPreProcAttrError contained "\w\+="he=e-1
syn match htmlPreProcAttrName contained "\(expr\|errmsg\|sizefmt\|timefmt\|var\|cgi\|cmd\|file\|virtual\|value\)="he=e-1

if !exists("html_no_rendering")
  " rendering
  syn cluster htmlTop contains=@Spell,htmlTag,htmlEndTag,htmlSpecialChar,htmlPreProc,htmlComment,htmlLink,javaScript,@htmlPreproc

  syn region htmlBold start="<b\>" end="</b>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldUnderline,htmlBoldItalic
  syn region htmlBold start="<strong\>" end="</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldUnderline,htmlBoldItalic
  syn region htmlBoldUnderline contained start="<u\>" end="</u>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
  syn region htmlBoldItalic contained start="<i\>" end="</i>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldItalicUnderline
  syn region htmlBoldItalic contained start="<em\>" end="</em>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldItalicUnderline
  syn region htmlBoldUnderlineItalic contained start="<i\>" end="</i>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlBoldUnderlineItalic contained start="<em\>" end="</em>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlBoldItalicUnderline contained start="<u\>" end="</u>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldUnderlineItalic

  syn region htmlUnderline start="<u\>" end="</u>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlUnderlineBold,htmlUnderlineItalic
  syn region htmlUnderlineBold contained start="<b\>" end="</b>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlUnderlineBoldItalic
  syn region htmlUnderlineBold contained start="<strong\>" end="</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@htmlTop,htmlUnderlineBoldItalic
  syn region htmlUnderlineItalic contained start="<i\>" end="</i>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlUnderlineItalicBold
  syn region htmlUnderlineItalic contained start="<em\>" end="</em>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop,htmlUnderlineItalicBold
  syn region htmlUnderlineItalicBold contained start="<b\>" end="</b>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlUnderlineItalicBold contained start="<strong\>" end="</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlUnderlineBoldItalic contained start="<i\>" end="</i>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlUnderlineBoldItalic contained start="<em\>" end="</em>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop

  syn region htmlItalic start="<i\>" end="</i>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlItalicBold,htmlItalicUnderline
  syn region htmlItalic start="<em\>" end="</em>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlItalicBold contained start="<b\>" end="</b>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlItalicBoldUnderline
  syn region htmlItalicBold contained start="<strong\>" end="</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@htmlTop,htmlItalicBoldUnderline
  syn region htmlItalicBoldUnderline contained start="<u\>" end="</u>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlItalicUnderline contained start="<u\>" end="</u>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlItalicUnderlineBold
  syn region htmlItalicUnderlineBold contained start="<b\>" end="</b>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlItalicUnderlineBold contained start="<strong\>" end="</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@htmlTop

  syn region htmlLink start="<a\>\_[^>]*\<href\>" end="</a>"me=e-4 contains=@Spell,htmlTag,htmlEndTag,htmlSpecialChar,htmlPreProc,htmlComment,javaScript,@htmlPreproc
  syn region htmlH1 start="<h1\>" end="</h1>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlH2 start="<h2\>" end="</h2>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlH3 start="<h3\>" end="</h3>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlH4 start="<h4\>" end="</h4>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlH5 start="<h5\>" end="</h5>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlH6 start="<h6\>" end="</h6>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
  syn region htmlHead start="<head\>" end="</head>"me=e-7 end="<body\>"me=e-5 end="<h[1-6]\>"me=e-3 contains=htmlTag,htmlEndTag,htmlSpecialChar,htmlPreProc,htmlComment,htmlLink,htmlTitle,javaScript,cssStyle,@htmlPreproc
  syn region htmlTitle start="<title\>" end="</title>"me=e-8 contains=htmlTag,htmlEndTag,htmlSpecialChar,htmlPreProc,htmlComment,javaScript,@htmlPreproc

syn keyword htmlTagName         contained noscript
syn keyword htmlSpecialTagName  contained script style
if main_syntax != 'java' || exists("java_javascript")
  syn include @htmlJavaScript syntax/javascript.vim
  unlet b:current_syntax
  syn region  javaScript start=+<script[^>]*>+ keepend end=+</script>+me=s-1 contains=@htmlJavaScript,htmlCssStyleComment,htmlScriptTag,@htmlPreproc
  syn region  htmlScriptTag     contained start=+<script+ end=+>+       contains=htmlTagN,htmlString,htmlArg,htmlValue,htmlTagError,htmlEvent
  HtmlHiLink htmlScriptTag htmlTag

  " html events (i.e. arguments that include javascript commands)
  if exists("html_extended_events")
    syn region htmlEvent        contained start=+\<on\a\+\s*=[\t ]*'+ end=+'+ contains=htmlEventSQ
    syn region htmlEvent        contained start=+\<on\a\+\s*=[\t ]*"+ end=+"+ contains=htmlEventDQ
    syn region htmlEvent        contained start=+\<on\a\+\s*=[\t ]*'+ end=+'+ keepend contains=htmlEventSQ
    syn region htmlEvent        contained start=+\<on\a\+\s*=[\t ]*"+ end=+"+ keepend contains=htmlEventDQ
  syn region htmlEventSQ        contained start=+'+ms=s+1 end=+'+me=s-1 contains=@htmlJavaScript
  syn region htmlEventDQ        contained start=+"+ms=s+1 end=+"+me=s-1 contains=@htmlJavaScript
  HtmlHiLink htmlEventSQ htmlEvent
  HtmlHiLink htmlEventDQ htmlEvent

  " a javascript expression is used as an arg value
  syn region  javaScriptExpression contained start=+&{+ keepend end=+};+ contains=@htmlJavaScript,@htmlPreproc

if main_syntax != 'java' || exists("java_vb")
  syn include @htmlVbScript syntax/vb.vim
  unlet b:current_syntax
  syn region  javaScript start=+<script [^>]*language *=[^>]*vbscript[^>]*>+ keepend end=+</script>+me=s-1 contains=@htmlVbScript,htmlCssStyleComment,htmlScriptTag,@htmlPreproc

syn cluster htmlJavaScript      add=@htmlPreproc

if main_syntax != 'java' || exists("java_css")
  " embedded style sheets
  syn keyword htmlArg           contained media
  syn include @htmlCss syntax/css.vim
  unlet b:current_syntax
  syn region cssStyle start=+<style+ keepend end=+</style>+ contains=@htmlCss,htmlTag,htmlEndTag,htmlCssStyleComment,@htmlPreproc
  syn match htmlCssStyleComment contained "\(<!--\|-->\)"
  syn region htmlCssDefinition matchgroup=htmlArg start='style="' keepend matchgroup=htmlString end='"' contains=css.*Attr,css.*Prop,cssComment,cssLength,cssColor,cssURL,cssImportant,cssError,cssString,@htmlPreproc
  HtmlHiLink htmlStyleArg htmlString

if main_syntax == "html"
  " synchronizing (does not always work if a comment includes legal
  " html tags, but doing it right would mean to always start
  " at the first line, which is too slow)
  syn sync match htmlHighlight groupthere NONE "<[/a-zA-Z]"
  syn sync match htmlHighlight groupthere javaScript "<script"
  syn sync match htmlHighlightSkip "^.*['\"].*$"
  syn sync minlines=10

" The default highlighting.
if version >= 508 || !exists("did_html_syn_inits")
  if version < 508
    let did_html_syn_inits = 1
  HtmlHiLink htmlTag                     Function
  HtmlHiLink htmlEndTag                  Identifier
  HtmlHiLink htmlArg                     Type
  HtmlHiLink htmlTagName                 htmlStatement
  HtmlHiLink htmlSpecialTagName          Exception
  HtmlHiLink htmlValue                     String
  HtmlHiLink htmlSpecialChar             Special
  if !exists("html_no_rendering")
    HtmlHiLink htmlH1                      Title
    HtmlHiLink htmlH2                      htmlH1
    HtmlHiLink htmlH3                      htmlH2
    HtmlHiLink htmlH4                      htmlH3
    HtmlHiLink htmlH5                      htmlH4
    HtmlHiLink htmlH6                      htmlH5
    HtmlHiLink htmlHead                    PreProc
    HtmlHiLink htmlTitle                   Title
    HtmlHiLink htmlBoldItalicUnderline     htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
    HtmlHiLink htmlUnderlineBold           htmlBoldUnderline
    HtmlHiLink htmlUnderlineItalicBold     htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
    HtmlHiLink htmlUnderlineBoldItalic     htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
    HtmlHiLink htmlItalicUnderline         htmlUnderlineItalic
    HtmlHiLink htmlItalicBold              htmlBoldItalic
    HtmlHiLink htmlItalicBoldUnderline     htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
    HtmlHiLink htmlItalicUnderlineBold     htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
    HtmlHiLink htmlLink                    Underlined
    if !exists("html_my_rendering")
      hi def htmlBold                term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
      hi def htmlBoldUnderline       term=bold,underline cterm=bold,underline gui=bold,underline
      hi def htmlBoldItalic          term=bold,italic cterm=bold,italic gui=bold,italic
      hi def htmlBoldUnderlineItalic term=bold,italic,underline cterm=bold,italic,underline gui=bold,italic,underline
      hi def htmlUnderline           term=underline cterm=underline gui=underline
      hi def htmlUnderlineItalic     term=italic,underline cterm=italic,underline gui=italic,underline
      hi def htmlItalic              term=italic cterm=italic gui=italic
  HtmlHiLink htmlPreStmt            PreProc
  HtmlHiLink htmlPreError           Error
  HtmlHiLink htmlPreProc            PreProc
  HtmlHiLink htmlPreAttr            String
  HtmlHiLink htmlPreProcAttrName    PreProc
  HtmlHiLink htmlPreProcAttrError   Error
  HtmlHiLink htmlSpecial            Special
  HtmlHiLink htmlSpecialChar        Special
  HtmlHiLink htmlString             String
  HtmlHiLink htmlStatement          Statement
  HtmlHiLink htmlComment            Comment
  HtmlHiLink htmlCommentPart        Comment
  HtmlHiLink htmlValue              String
  HtmlHiLink htmlCommentError       htmlError
  HtmlHiLink htmlTagError           htmlError
  HtmlHiLink htmlEvent              javaScript
  HtmlHiLink htmlError              Error
  HtmlHiLink javaScript             Special
  HtmlHiLink javaScriptExpression   javaScript
  HtmlHiLink htmlCssStyleComment    Comment
  HtmlHiLink htmlCssDefinition      Special

delcommand HtmlHiLink

let b:current_syntax = "html"

if main_syntax == 'html'
  unlet main_syntax

" vim: ts=8