amiga.vim   [plain text]

" Vim syntax file
" Language:	AmigaDos
" Maintainer:	Dr. Charles E. Campbell, Jr. <NdrOchipS@PcampbellAfamily.Mbiz>
" Last Change:	Sep 11, 2006
" Version:     6
" URL:

" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
if version < 600
  syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")

syn case ignore

" Amiga Devices
syn match amiDev "\(par\|ser\|prt\|con\|nil\):"

" Amiga aliases and paths
syn match amiAlias	"\<[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]\+:"
syn match amiAlias	"\<[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]\+:[a-zA-Z0-9/]*/"

" strings
syn region amiString	start=+"+ end=+"+ oneline contains=@Spell

" numbers
syn match amiNumber	"\<\d\+\>"

" Logic flow
syn region	amiFlow	matchgroup=Statement start="if"	matchgroup=Statement end="endif"	contains=ALL
syn keyword	amiFlow	skip endskip
syn match	amiError	"else\|endif"
syn keyword	amiElse contained	else

syn keyword	amiTest contained	not warn error fail eq gt ge val exists

" echo exception
syn region	amiEcho	matchgroup=Statement start="\<echo\>" end="$" oneline contains=amiComment
syn region	amiEcho	matchgroup=Statement start="^\.[bB][rR][aA]" end="$" oneline
syn region	amiEcho	matchgroup=Statement start="^\.[kK][eE][tT]" end="$" oneline

" commands
syn keyword	amiKey	addbuffers	copy	fault	join	pointer	setdate
syn keyword	amiKey	addmonitor	cpu	filenote	keyshow	printer	setenv
syn keyword	amiKey	alias	date	fixfonts	lab	printergfx	setfont
syn keyword	amiKey	ask	delete	fkey	list	printfiles	setmap
syn keyword	amiKey	assign	dir	font	loadwb	prompt	setpatch
syn keyword	amiKey	autopoint	diskchange	format	lock	protect	sort
syn keyword	amiKey	avail	diskcopy	get	magtape	quit	stack
syn keyword	amiKey	binddrivers	diskdoctor	getenv	makedir	relabel	status
syn keyword	amiKey	bindmonitor	display	graphicdump	makelink	remrad	time
syn keyword	amiKey	blanker		iconedit	more	rename	type
syn keyword	amiKey	break	ed	icontrol	mount	resident	unalias
syn keyword	amiKey	calculator	edit	iconx	newcli	run	unset
syn keyword	amiKey	cd	endcli	ihelp	newshell	say	unsetenv
syn keyword	amiKey	changetaskpri	endshell	info	nocapslock	screenmode	version
syn keyword	amiKey	clock	eval	initprinter	nofastmem	search	wait
syn keyword	amiKey	cmd	exchange	input	overscan	serial	wbpattern
syn keyword	amiKey	colors	execute	install	palette	set	which
syn keyword	amiKey	conclip	failat	iprefs	path	setclock	why

" comments
syn cluster	amiCommentGroup contains=amiTodo,@Spell
syn case ignore
syn keyword	amiTodo	contained	todo
syn case match
syn match	amiComment	";.*$" contains=amiCommentGroup

" sync
syn sync lines=50

" Define the default highlighting.
" For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
" For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
if version >= 508 || !exists("did_amiga_syn_inits")
  if version < 508
    let did_amiga_syn_inits = 1
    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>

  HiLink amiAlias	Type
  HiLink amiComment	Comment
  HiLink amiDev	Type
  HiLink amiEcho	String
  HiLink amiElse	Statement
  HiLink amiError	Error
  HiLink amiKey	Statement
  HiLink amiNumber	Number
  HiLink amiString	String
  HiLink amiTest	Special

  delcommand HiLink

let b:current_syntax = "amiga"

" vim:ts=15