netrwPlugin.vim   [plain text]

" netrwPlugin.vim: Handles file transfer and remote directory listing across a network
"            PLUGIN SECTION
" Date:		Jul 27, 2010
" Maintainer:	Charles E Campbell, Jr <NdrOchip@ScampbellPfamily.AbizM-NOSPAM>
" GetLatestVimScripts: 1075 1 :AutoInstall: netrw.vim
" Copyright:    Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Charles E. Campbell, Jr. {{{1
"               Permission is hereby granted to use and distribute this code,
"               with or without modifications, provided that this copyright
"               notice is copied with it. Like anything else that's free,
"               netrw.vim, netrwPlugin.vim, and netrwSettings.vim are provided
"               *as is* and comes with no warranty of any kind, either
"               expressed or implied. By using this plugin, you agree that
"               in no event will the copyright holder be liable for any damages
"               resulting from the use of this software.
"  But be doers of the Word, and not only hearers, deluding your own selves {{{1
"  (James 1:22 RSV)
" =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
" Load Once: {{{1
if &cp || exists("g:loaded_netrwPlugin")
let g:loaded_netrwPlugin = "v140"
if v:version < 702
 echohl WarningMsg | echo "***netrw*** you need vim version 7.2 for this version of netrw" | echohl None
let s:keepcpo = &cpo
set cpo&vim

" ---------------------------------------------------------------------
" Public Interface: {{{1

" Local Browsing: {{{2
augroup FileExplorer
 au BufEnter * silent! call s:LocalBrowse(expand("<amatch>"))
 au VimEnter * silent! call s:VimEnter(expand("<amatch>"))
 if has("win32") || has("win95") || has("win64") || has("win16")
  au BufEnter .* silent! call s:LocalBrowse(expand("<amatch>"))
augroup END

" Network Browsing Reading Writing: {{{2
augroup Network
 if has("win32") || has("win95") || has("win64") || has("win16")
  au BufReadCmd  file://*		exe "silent doau BufReadPre ".fnameescape(netrw#RFC2396(expand("<amatch>")))|exe 'e '.fnameescape(substitute(netrw#RFC2396(expand("<amatch>")),'file://\(.*\)','\1',""))|exe "bwipe ".fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))|exe "silent doau BufReadPost ".fnameescape(netrw#RFC2396(expand("<amatch>")))
  au BufReadCmd  file://*		exe "silent doau BufReadPre ".fnameescape(netrw#RFC2396(expand("<amatch>")))|exe 'e '.fnameescape(substitute(netrw#RFC2396(expand("<amatch>")),'file://\(.*\)','\1',""))|exe "bwipe ".fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))|exe "silent doau BufReadPost ".fnameescape(netrw#RFC2396(expand("<amatch>")))
  au BufReadCmd  file://localhost/*	exe "silent doau BufReadPre ".fnameescape(netrw#RFC2396(expand("<amatch>")))|exe 'e '.fnameescape(substitute(netrw#RFC2396(expand("<amatch>")),'file://localhost/\(.*\)','\1',""))|exe "bwipe ".fnameescape(substitute(expand("<amatch>"),'file://\(\k\+@\)\=','',''))|exe "silent doau BufReadPost ".fnameescape(netrw#RFC2396(expand("<amatch>")))
 au BufReadCmd   ftp://*,rcp://*,scp://*,http://*,dav://*,davs://*,rsync://*,sftp://*	exe "silent doau BufReadPre ".fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))|call netrw#Nread(2,expand("<amatch>"))|exe "silent doau BufReadPost ".fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))
 au FileReadCmd  ftp://*,rcp://*,scp://*,http://*,dav://*,davs://*,rsync://*,sftp://*	exe "silent doau FileReadPre ".fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))|call netrw#Nread(1,expand("<amatch>"))|exe "silent doau FileReadPost ".fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))
 au BufWriteCmd  ftp://*,rcp://*,scp://*,dav://*,davs://*,rsync://*,sftp://*		exe "silent doau BufWritePre ".fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))|exe 'Nwrite '.fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))|exe "silent doau BufWritePost ".fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))
 au FileWriteCmd ftp://*,rcp://*,scp://*,dav://*,davs://*,rsync://*,sftp://*		exe "silent doau FileWritePre ".fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))|exe "'[,']".'Nwrite '.fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))|exe "silent doau FileWritePost ".fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))
  au SourceCmd   ftp://*,rcp://*,scp://*,http://*,dav://*,davs://*,rsync://*,sftp://*	exe 'Nsource '.fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))
 catch /^Vim\%((\a\+)\)\=:E216/
  au SourcePre   ftp://*,rcp://*,scp://*,http://*,dav://*,davs://*,rsync://*,sftp://*	exe 'Nsource '.fnameescape(expand("<amatch>"))
augroup END

" Commands: :Nread, :Nwrite, :NetUserPass {{{2
com! -count=1 -nargs=*	Nread		call netrw#NetrwSavePosn()<bar>call netrw#NetRead(<count>,<f-args>)<bar>call netrw#NetrwRestorePosn()
com! -range=% -nargs=*	Nwrite		call netrw#NetrwSavePosn()<bar><line1>,<line2>call netrw#NetWrite(<f-args>)<bar>call netrw#NetrwRestorePosn()
com! -nargs=*		NetUserPass	call NetUserPass(<f-args>)
com! -nargs=*	        Nsource		call netrw#NetrwSavePosn()<bar>call netrw#NetSource(<f-args>)<bar>call netrw#NetrwRestorePosn()

" Commands: :Explore, :Sexplore, Hexplore, Vexplore {{{2
com! -nargs=* -bar -bang -count=0 -complete=dir	Explore		call netrw#Explore(<count>,0,0+<bang>0,<q-args>)
com! -nargs=* -bar -bang -count=0 -complete=dir	Sexplore	call netrw#Explore(<count>,1,0+<bang>0,<q-args>)
com! -nargs=* -bar -bang -count=0 -complete=dir	Hexplore	call netrw#Explore(<count>,1,2+<bang>0,<q-args>)
com! -nargs=* -bar -bang -count=0 -complete=dir	Vexplore	call netrw#Explore(<count>,1,4+<bang>0,<q-args>)
com! -nargs=* -bar       -count=0 -complete=dir	Texplore	call netrw#Explore(<count>,0,6        ,<q-args>)
com! -nargs=* -bar -bang			Nexplore	call netrw#Explore(-1,0,0,<q-args>)
com! -nargs=* -bar -bang			Pexplore	call netrw#Explore(-2,0,0,<q-args>)

" Commands: NetrwSettings {{{2
com! -nargs=0	NetrwSettings	call netrwSettings#NetrwSettings()
com! -bang	NetrwClean	call netrw#NetrwClean(<bang>0)

" Maps:
if !exists("g:netrw_nogx") && maparg('gx','n') == ""
 if !hasmapto('<Plug>NetrwBrowseX')
  nmap <unique> gx <Plug>NetrwBrowseX
 nno <silent> <Plug>NetrwBrowseX :call netrw#NetrwBrowseX(expand("<cWORD>"),0)<cr>

" ---------------------------------------------------------------------
" LocalBrowse: {{{2
fun! s:LocalBrowse(dirname)
  " unfortunate interaction -- debugging calls can't be used here;
  " the BufEnter event causes triggering when attempts to write to
  " the DBG buffer are made.
"  echomsg "dirname<".a:dirname.">"
  if has("amiga")
   " The check against '' is made for the Amiga, where the empty
   " string is the current directory and not checking would break
   " things such as the help command.
   if a:dirname != '' && isdirectory(a:dirname)
    silent! call netrw#LocalBrowseCheck(a:dirname)
  elseif isdirectory(a:dirname)
"   echomsg "dirname<".dirname."> isdir"
   silent! call netrw#LocalBrowseCheck(a:dirname)
  " not a directory, ignore it

" ---------------------------------------------------------------------
" s:VimEnter: {{{2
fun! s:VimEnter(dirname)
  let curwin= winnr()
  windo if a:dirname != expand("%")|call s:LocalBrowse(expand("%:p"))|endif
  exe curwin."wincmd w"

" ---------------------------------------------------------------------
" NetrwStatusLine: {{{1
fun! NetrwStatusLine()
"  let g:stlmsg= "Xbufnr=".w:netrw_explore_bufnr." bufnr=".bufnr("%")." Xline#".w:netrw_explore_line." line#".line(".")
  if !exists("w:netrw_explore_bufnr") || w:netrw_explore_bufnr != bufnr("%") || !exists("w:netrw_explore_line") || w:netrw_explore_line != line(".") || !exists("w:netrw_explore_list")
   let &stl= s:netrw_explore_stl
   if exists("w:netrw_explore_bufnr")|unlet w:netrw_explore_bufnr|endif
   if exists("w:netrw_explore_line")|unlet w:netrw_explore_line|endif
   return ""
   return "Match ".w:netrw_explore_mtchcnt." of ".w:netrw_explore_listlen

" ------------------------------------------------------------------------
" NetUserPass: set username and password for subsequent ftp transfer {{{1
"   Usage:  :call NetUserPass()			-- will prompt for userid and password
"	    :call NetUserPass("uid")		-- will prompt for password
"	    :call NetUserPass("uid","password") -- sets global userid and password
fun! NetUserPass(...)

 " get/set userid
 if a:0 == 0
"  call Dfunc("NetUserPass(a:0<".a:0.">)")
  if !exists("g:netrw_uid") || g:netrw_uid == ""
   " via prompt
   let g:netrw_uid= input('Enter username: ')
 else	" from command line
"  call Dfunc("NetUserPass(a:1<".a:1.">) {")
  let g:netrw_uid= a:1

 " get password
 if a:0 <= 1 " via prompt
"  call Decho("a:0=".a:0." case <=1:")
  let g:netrw_passwd= inputsecret("Enter Password: ")
 else " from command line
"  call Decho("a:0=".a:0." case >1: a:2<".a:2.">")
  let g:netrw_passwd=a:2
"  call Dret("NetUserPass")

" ------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Modelines And Restoration: {{{1
let &cpo= s:keepcpo
unlet s:keepcpo
" vim:ts=8 fdm=marker