passwd   [plain text]

# This is an example of passwd, the call in password file for Taylor
# UUCP.  To use it, you must compile the package with
# HAVE_TAYLOR_CONFIG set to 1 in policy.h (that is the default), copy
# this file to newconfigdir as set in (the default is
# /usr/local/conf/uucp), and edit it as appropriate for your system.

# Everything after a '#' character is a comment.  To uncomment any of
# the sample lines below, just delete the '#'.

# This file is used when uucico is invoked with the -l or -e argument.
# uucico will then prompt for a login name and password.  The login
# name is looked up in this file to check the password (the system
# password file, /etc/passwd, is not checked).  This permits uucico to
# completely take over a port, allowing UUCP access to remote systems
# but not permitting remote users to actually log in to the system.

# The format is just login-name password.
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