uuclean   [plain text]

# This is a sample uuclean shell script
# Copyright (C) 1992 Ian Lance Taylor
# Do whatever you like with this script.
# Set some variables
# Warn about all mail over two days old
$(bindir)/uustat -c rmail -o 48 -N -Q -W"Unable to deliver; will try up to one week"
# Return all mail over a week old
$(bindir)/uustat -c rmail -o 168 -K -M -N -Q -W"Could not be delivered for over one week"
# Throw away other requests over a week old
$(bindir)/uustat -o 168 -K -M -N -Q -W"Over one week old"
# Warn about any non rmail executions over three days old
$(bindir)/uustat -o 72 -C rmail -M -N -Q -W"Unable to execute for three days"
# Now delete any old spool files
find $(spooldir) -ctime +8 -name '[CDX].*' -print -exec rm -f \{\} \;
# Delete any old temporary files
find $(spooldir) -atime +1 -ctime +1 -name 'TM.*' -print -exec rm -f \{\} \;
# Delete any old preserved files
find $(spooldir)/.Preserve -atime +14 -ctime +14 -print -exec rm -f \{\} \;
# Delete any old failed execution files
find $(spooldir)/.Failed -atime +14 -ctime +14 -print -exec rm -f \{\} \;