CODING   [plain text]

/*$Header: /p/tcsh/cvsroot/tcsh/win32/CODING,v 1.3 2004/05/19 18:22:27 christos Exp $*/
Read this if you plan to contribute changes to the source:

Please do not use any heap allocation routine other than:

1. heap_alloc()/heap_free(), if the memory will never be acessed in a child
process (i.e, is not expected to be inherited). this is a macro defined 
in ntport.h

2. xmalloc()/xfree(), if the  memory is to be inherited by a child process.
this is allocated from a seperate heap and is copied to the child during fork().

Avoid using C-runtime functions that store static variables
(like strtok, for example).

It is preferrable to avoid any c-runtime function other than strlen,strcat