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[comment {-*- tcl -*- sdx manpage}]
[manpage_begin sdx 1 2.0]
[moddesc   {sdx}]
[titledesc {Starkit Developer eXtension}]

[cmd sdx] combines a number of functions into a single command-line developer
utility. Its most common use is to create, browse, and unravel Starkits:

[list_begin definitions]
[lst_item "[cmd sdx] [cmd qwrap] [arg myscript.tcl] ?[arg options] ...?"]
create a starkit from a single Tcl script

[lst_item "[cmd sdx] [cmd wrap] [arg mystar.kit] ?[arg options] ...?"]
create a starkit from a mystar.vfs directory structure

[lst_item "[cmd sdx] [cmd unwrap] [arg mystar.kit]"]
the reverse of wrap, lets you dissect any starkit

[lst_item "[cmd sdx] [cmd lsk] [arg mystar.kit]"]
list the contents of a starkit, as seen when mounted in Tcl

[lst_item "[cmd sdx] [cmd version] [arg mystar.kit]"]
calculate the version ID of a starkit, report newest file found inside

[lst_item "[cmd sdx] [cmd mkpack] [arg oldstar.kit] [arg newstar.kit]"]
copy and optimally pack the Metakit data by removing all unused areas

[lst_item "[cmd sdx] [cmd mksplit] [arg mystar.kit]"]
split a starkit into mystar.head and a mystar.tail parts

[cmd sdx] also has other, less frequently used commands, see
[cmd sdx] [cmd help] and [cmd sdx] [cmd help] [arg command] for more
[cmd sdx] is itself a Starkit, you can inspect its contents by doing
[cmd sdx] [cmd unwrap] [cmd "`which sdx`"].

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