tclopers.swg   [plain text]

/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * See the LICENSE file for information on copyright, usage and redistribution
 * of SWIG, and the README file for authors -
 * tclopers.swg
 * C++ overloaded operators.
 * These declarations define how SWIG is going to rename C++
 * overloaded operators in Tcl.  Since Tcl allows identifiers
 * to be essentially any valid string, we'll just use the
 * normal operator names.
 * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

#ifdef __cplusplus
%rename("+")         *::operator+;
//%rename("u+")        *::operator+();     // Unary +
//%rename("u+")        *::operator+() const;     // Unary +
%rename("-")         *::operator-;
//%rename("u-")        *::operator-();     // Unary -
//%rename("u-")        *::operator-() const;     // Unary -
%rename("*")         *::operator*;
%rename("/")         *::operator/;
%rename("<<")        *::operator<<;
%rename(">>")        *::operator>>;
%rename("&")         *::operator&;
%rename("|")         *::operator|;
%rename("^")         *::operator^;
%rename("%")         *::operator%;
%rename("=")         *::operator=;

/* Ignored operators */
%ignoreoperator(NOTEQUAL) operator!=;
%ignoreoperator(PLUSEQ)   operator+=;
%ignoreoperator(MINUSEQ)  operator-=;
%ignoreoperator(MULEQ)    operator*=;
%ignoreoperator(DIVEQ)    operator/=;
%ignoreoperator(MODEQ)    operator%=;
%ignoreoperator(LSHIFTEQ) operator<<=;
%ignoreoperator(RSHIFTEQ) operator>>=;
%ignoreoperator(ANDEQ)    operator&=;
%ignoreoperator(OREQ)     operator|=;
%ignoreoperator(XOREQ)    operator^=;