HISTORY   [plain text]

A Brief history of sudo(8):

The sudo philosophy originated at SUNY-Buffalo in the early 1980's.
In the Summer of 1986, Garth Snyder enhanced sudo and released it
to the public.  For the next 5 years, sudo was fed and watered by
a handful of folks at CU-Boulder, including Bob Coggeshall, Bob
Manchek, and Trent Hein.

In 1991, Dave Hieb and Jeff Nieusma wrote a new version of sudo
with an enhanced sudoers format under contract to a consulting firm
called "The Root Group".  This version was later released under the
GNU public license.

In 1994, after maintaining sudo informally within CU-Boulder for
some time, Todd Miller made a public release of "CU sudo" (version
1.3) with bug fixes and support for more operating systems.  The
"CU" was added to differentiate it from the "official" version from
"The Root Group".

In 1996, Todd, who had been maintaining sudo for several years in
his spare time, brought sudo development under the umbrella of his
consulting firm, Courtesan Consulting.  Courtesan remains committed
to a free sudo and is sponsoring another sudo rewrite as well as
continued development of the sudo 1.x code base.

In 1999, the "CU" prefix was dropped from the name since there has
been no formal release of sudo from "The Root Group" since 1991
(the original authors now work elsewhere).  As of version 1.6, Sudo
no longer contains any of the original "Root Group" code and is
available with a BSD-style license.

sudo, in its current form, is maintained by:

	Todd Miller <Todd.Miller@courtesan.com>

Todd continues to enhance sudo and fix bugs.