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# List of signals used to build sys_siglist (see mksiglist.c)
# Adapted from pdksh; public domain
# Note that if a system has multiple defines for the same signal
# (eg, SIGABRT vs SIGIOT, SIGCHLD vs SIGCLD), only the first one
# will be seen, so the order in this list is important.
    HUP     Hangup
    INT     Interrupt
    QUIT    Quit
    ILL     Illegal instruction
    TRAP    Trace trap
# before IOT (ABRT is posix and ABRT is sometimes the same as IOT)
    ABRT    Abort
    IOT     IOT instruction
    EMT     EMT trap
    FPE     Floating point exception
    KILL    Killed
# before BUS (Older Linux doesn't really have a BUS, but defines it to UNUSED)
    UNUSED  Unused
    BUS     Bus error
    SEGV    Memory fault
    SYS     Bad system call
    PIPE    Broken pipe
    ALRM    Alarm clock
    TERM    Terminated
    STKFLT  Stack fault
# before POLL (POLL is sometimes the same as IO)
    IO      I/O possible
    XCPU    CPU time limit exceeded
    XFSZ    File size limit exceeded
    VTALRM  Virtual timer expired
    PROF    Profiling timer expired
    WINCH   Window size change
    LOST    File lock lost
    USR1    User defined signal 1
    USR2    User defined signal 2
    PWR     Power-fail/Restart
    POLL    Pollable event occurred
    STOP    Stopped (signal)
    TSTP    Stopped
    CONT    Continued
# before CLD (CHLD is posix and CHLD is sometimes the same as CLD)
    CHLD    Child exited
    CLD     Child exited
    TTIN    Stopped (tty input)
    TTOU    Stopped (tty output)
    INFO    Information request
    URG     Urgent I/O condition
# Solaris (svr4?) signals
    WAITING No runnable LWPs
    LWP	    Inter-LWP signal
    FREEZE  Checkpoint freeze
    THAW    Checkpoint thaw
    CANCEL  Thread cancellation