BUGS   [plain text]

Known bugs in sudo version 1.6.8

1) Sudo should have an option to log when removing "dangerous"
   environment variables.

2) On DUNIX in sia mode, hitting return at the prompt does not quit.

3) In parse.lex, '@' should not need to be a special character.
   However, because lex does greedy matching, {WORD} will match
   instead of the "^Defaults[:@]?" line.

4) In list mode (sudo -l), characters escaped with a backslash
   are shown verbatim with the backslash.

5) Because the parser only does a single pass it is possible to
   make a sudoers file where the "defaults" options are set after
   a user's entry has been validated, changing the permissions for
   the user.  The work-around is to put all 'defaults' entries
   before the "User privilege specification" section but after all
   the "alias specifications".  In the future the parser will
   converted to a two-pass parser.

6) For the same reason as #5, changing the value of "ignore_dot" has
   no effect (find_path() is called before sudoers is parsed).

For a list of things that are not bugs but that I would like to
add / fix, please see the TODO file.