Credits   [plain text]

The following people have contributed to srm:

Gael Roualland - Fixed 0.9 build problems on Solaris 2.7.
	       - Found a missing pass in 0.8.2.
	       - Fixed some embarassing bugs in 0.8.1.

Mathias Weidner - Fixed a problem with the spec file and recent versions
		  of rpm. (Fixed in 1.2.0)

Martynas Tarvydas - Noticed that deleting write-protected files asked for
		    permission then failed. (Fixed in 1.2.1)

Xander Soldaat - Pointed out that -f didn't actually ignore
		 nonexistant files. (Fixed in 1.2.2)

Eric Severance - Fixed a file descriptor leak in 1.2.2.

Klaus Alexander Seistrup - Fixed a rare deadlock in 1.2.4.

Alec Edworthy - Noticed that -v and -f didn't work together in 1.2.5

Ken McLeod - Misc bugfixes in 1.2.6