INSTALL   [plain text]

			Installing sendmail

Note: as of sendmail 8.9, a new build architecture is in place that allows
you to use the "Build" shell script in any of the program directories.
On many environments this will do everything for you, no fuss, no muss.

1. Read all the README files noted in the INTRODUCTION section of the README
   file in this top-level directory.

2. Create any necessary site configuration build files, as noted in

3. In the sendmail/ directory, run "sh Build" (see sendmail/README for

4. In the cf/cf/ directory (that's not a typo), copy whichever .mc file
   best matches your environment to, where config can be any
   name.  Next, tailor it as explained in cf/README.  Then run
   "sh Build".

5. Back up your current /etc/mail/ and the sendmail binary (whose
   location varies from operating system to operating system, but is usually
   in /usr/sbin or /usr/lib).

6. Install as /etc/mail/ and install the sendmail binary
   built in step 3 by cd-ing back to sendmail/ and running "sh Build install".

7. For each of the associated sendmail utilities (makemap, mailstats, etc.),
   read the README in the utility's directory.  When you are ready to install
   it, back up your installed version and type "sh Build install".

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