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.\"Modified from man(1) of FreeBSD, the NetBSD mdoc.template, and mdoc.samples.
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.Dd Fri Sep 10 2004             \" DATE 
.Dt securityd 1      \" Program name and manual section number 
.Os Darwin
.Sh NAME                 \" Section Header - required - don't modify 
.Nm securityd
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.\" words here as the database is built based on the words here and in the .ND line. 
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.Nd Security context daemon for Authorization and cryptographic operations
.Sh SYNOPSIS             \" Section Header - required - don't modify
.Sh DESCRIPTION          \" Section Header - required - don't modify
maintains security contexts and arbitrates cryptographic operations and Security Authorizations. Access to
keychain items is routed through 
to enforce access controls and to keep private keys out of
user process address space.  Authorization calls also communicate with 
to enforce rules contained in the
.Pa /etc/authorization
database.  All user interaction with
is mediated through the
.Nm "Security Agent."
This command is not intended to be invoked directly.
was first introduced in Mac OS X version 10.0 (Cheetah) as the "Security Server" and was renamed in 10.4 (Tiger).
.An "Perry The Cynic"