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.Dd Wed Dec 06 2006               \" DATE 
.Dt tokenadmin 8      \" Program name and manual section number 
.Os Darwin
.Sh NAME                 \" Section Header - required - don't modify 
.Nm tokenadmin
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.Nd Command-line interface to smartcards and other token-based keychains
.Sh SYNOPSIS             \" Section Header - required - don't modify
.Op Fl hqv               \" [-hqv]
.Ar command              \" command
.Op Ar command_options   \" [command_options]
.Op Ar command_args      \" [command_args]
.Sh DESCRIPTION          \" Section Header - required - don't modify
A command-line tool to administer smartcards and other token-based keychains.
.Bl -tag -width -indent
.It Fl h
With no arguments, shows a list of all commands.  If arguments are 
provided, shows usage for each of the specified commands.  Same as the
.Cm help
.It Fl q
less verbose.
.It Fl v
more verbose.
.El                      \" Ends the list
Note: all commands other than 
.Cm help
take the 
.Fl h
option to display help.  
.Bl -tag -width "create-fv-user"
.It Cm help
Shows all commands. 
.It Cm create-fv-user
.Fl u Ar short-name Fl l Ar long-name Op Fl p Ar password
Creates a new FileVaulted user protected by the inserted smart card or token.
.Bl -tag -compact -width -indent
.It Fl u Ar short-name
Specify the short (i.e., login) name to be used for the account.
.It Fl l Ar long-name
Specify the full name to be used for the account. If the full name contains
spaces, the name must be enclosed by quotation marks.  
.It Fl p Ar password
Password for the user's login keychain (optional). 
.Cm create-fv-user 
-u fvtest3 -p foo -l "FV Test User 3" 
Create a new FileVaulted user with short name "fvtest3" and full name 
"FV Test User 3", with the new FileVault image being protected by the
inserted token. The password for the user's login keychain is "foo". 
.Sy Note: 
after creating this user with 
.Nm ,
you must run "sc_auth accept -u fvtest3" or this user will not be able to 
log in.  
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.Xr security 1 ,
.Xr sc_auth 8 ,
.Xr systemkeychain 8 
will eventually be merged into the 
.Xr security 1