NEWS.3.7   [plain text]

                   What's new in screen-3.7 ?

* Color support. Screen understands the following capabilities:
      AF (setaf) = Set foreground color (ANSI compatible)
      AB (setab) = Set background color (ANSI compatible)
      AX         = Does understand ANSI set default fg/bg color
                   (\E[39m / \E[49m)
    The tweaks for the color xterm would be:
      termcap  xterm 'AF=\E[3%dm:AB=\E[4%dm'
      terminfo xterm 'AF=\E[3%p1%dm:AB=\E[4%p1%dm'

* New 'digraph' command (bound to ^A^V)
  ^A^Va" or ^A^V0344 input an a-umlaut

* activity/bell message strings can now include the window title:
    %t - title
    %n - number (a single % still works)

* 'defhstatus' command to give everey window a default
  hardstatus line. ^E is used as a string escape instead of %
  (see above). Try 'defhstatus "Screen: window ^E (^Et)"'

* Input parser changed to understand '^' (see ^E above).

Note that the linux color xterm has a stupid bug: the characters
get the color of the cursor, therefore if you change color and move
the cursor around all the characters will get the new color...
Here is a patch:
Btw.: rxvt works fine.

* Optional Braille support. If you can read Braille and have one of
  the devices listed in README.DOTSCREEN, please compile with
  -DHAVE_BRAILLE and let us know if this feature is useful.