NEWS.3.6   [plain text]

                   What's new in screen-3.6 ?

* Input translation! This makes the vt100 emulation complete.
  As an addition it is now possible to bind any command to any
  (function-) key. See the man page for more details (bindkey

* Status line support. Each window can have a different status line. 
  Use the ANSI APC string to set the status line, i.e.:
  <ESC>_<status string><ESC>\
  (For convenience the xterm sequence is also accepted.)
  You may want to add
    termcap  * '' ':hs:ts=\E_:fs=\E\\:ds=\E_\E\\:'
    terminfo * '' ':hs:ts=\E_:fs=\E\\:ds=\E_\E\\:'
  to your ~/.screenrc to make screen advertise the hardstatus
* Zombie feature added. Windows now may generate a message (with a
  timestamp) if they die and stay around until the user presses
  a key.

* New paste syntax: Paste can now concatenate registers and paste
  either on screen or in anouther register.
  This makes the old "ins_reg", "copy_reg" commands obsolete.

* More architecures supported. Screen now runs on AIX3.2.5,
  Solaris, NeXT and some other exotic platforms.

* Kanji support added. Screen understands JIS, EUC and SJIS coding.
  This is an experimental feature.

* GR charset switching (ISO 2022) implemented. Can be enabled with
  the "gr" command.

* C1 sequences implemented (see the "c1" command).

* Tek support from Xiaoguang Zhang. Apply tek.patch if you want to
  make screen pass tek sequences.

* List of new commands:
    bindkey, c1, command, defc1, defgr, defkanji, gr, kanji, mapdefault,
    mapnotnext, maptimeout, pastefont, printcmd, readreg, stuff, zombie

* Lots of other bugs fixed.