Roadmap   [plain text]

Copyright (C) 1997-2003 Samba-Team

The Samba-Team are committed to an aggressive program to deliver quality
controlled software to a well defined roadmap.

The current Samba series of Samba 3.0.0 is called the "Domain Integration"

The following development objectives for future releases
are in progress:
Samba-3.0.0		The Domain Integration Release.

Samba-3.0.x		Improvements in Management and Migration tools, &
			general code stabilization work.

Samba-3.x.x		Requirements are currently under discussion.

Samba-4			Danger Will Robinson, a big code clean up with major
			system redesign. More will be announced as this work
			starts to take shape.

Note that it is a given that the Samba-Team will continue to track
Windows (NT/200x) update releases, ensuring that Samba will work
well with whatever "Beta" releases Redmond throws our way :-).

You may also note that the release numbers get fuzzier the
further into the future the objectives get. This is intentional
as we cannot commit to exact timeframes.