CHANGELOG   [plain text]

version 0.7.5  25 Mar 2001
   - Use Samba 2.2.0 (alpha) as the target codebase, since it doesn't look
     like Samba will be offering shared libraries in the near future.
   - added a Makefile and support scripts to make the build process easier.
   - imported some Solaris fixes that I've been sitting on.

version 0.7.4  20 Jan 2000
   - added a 'migrate' option to the authentication code which makes no
     effort to authenticate the user, or even to ask for a password, but
     it can be useful for filling in an SMB password db.

version 0.7.3  19 Jan 2000
   - updated to use the SAMBA_TNG Samba branch, allowing us to dynamically
     link against Luke's new shared libs (libsamba, libsmb).

version 0.7.2  20 Jul 1999
   - miscellaneous bugfixes.  Cleanup of legacy pam_pwdb code.
   - fixed return value of pam_sm_setcred function.
   - fix to autoconf support
   - clarified some of the messages being logged

version 0.6,  15 Jul 1999
   - updated to use the new Samba (2.0) password database API.
   - added autoconf support. May now theoretically compile on more
     platforms than PAM itself does.
   - added support for account management functions (i.e., disabled

version 0.5,  4 Apr 1998
   - added support for hashed passwords as input.  Now capable of serving
     as an authentication agent for encrypted network transactions.