Roadmap   [plain text]

Copyright (C) 1997-2001 - Samba-Team

The Samba-Team are committed to an aggressive program to deliver quality
controlled software to a well defined roadmap.

The current Samba release 2.2 is the Windows 2000 update.

It correctly implements the Windows NT specific SMB calls,
and will operate correctly as a client in a Windows NT and
Windows 2000 Domain environment. In addition, preliminary
support for Windows NT and Windows 2000 Domain Control has
been implemented, although more remains to be done.

Samba 2.2 can now support share level security changes from
Windows NT/2000 server manager tools, and can integrate fully
into a Windows NT/2000 Domain with no local users when using
winbind (see the white paper on the Samba site).

This is also the first official release supporting the Samba-VFS
layer, allowing non-disk resources such as databases to be
exported to Windows clients as disk resources. More work will
be done on this in the 2.2.x series.

Windows 2000 is now the base tested client for Samba. All work
is verified against Windows 2000 clients.

The following development objectives for future releases
are in place:

2.2.x		-	Integration with native Windows server management tools,
				including user account management and share management.

3.0         -   "Domain Controller" - able to serve as a Windows NT PDC.
				Unicode on the wire support.

X.XX        -   "Full Domain Integration" - allowing both PDC and BDC modes.

Note that it is a given that the Samba Team will continue to track
Windows (2000/XP) update releases, ensuring that Samba will work
well with whatever "Beta" releases Redmond throws our way :-).

You may also note that the release numbers get fuzzier the
further into the future the objectives get. This is intentional
as we cannot yet commit to exact timeframes.