next-svn-tag   [plain text]

#! /usr/bin/perl

use strict;

my $SVNBASE='svn+ssh://';

my $debug = 0;

sub svn
    my $fh;
    my @args = @_;

    print "svn @args\n" if ($debug);

    die "svn @args: $!" unless
	open $fh, "svn @args|";

    return $fh;

sub descending { $b <=> $a }

sub find_next_tag
    my $fh;
    my @tags;
    my $next;

    $fh = svn("ls $SVNBASE/tags");

    # Tags are named samba-xx.yy, where the xx is the submitted build number
    # and .yy is incremented if there is a new build make based on build xx.
    # Here we are interested only in the major build number.
    while (<$fh>) {
	if (m/samba-(\d+)/) {
	    push @tags, ($1);

    @tags = sort descending @tags;
    print "@tags\n" if ($debug);

    $next = $tags[0] + 1;
    close $fh;
    return "samba-$next";

my $next = find_next_tag();
print "$next\n";