samba.lsm   [plain text]

Title        = Samba
Version      = 2.2.0
Desc1        = Samba is a SMB based file and print server for unix. It
Desc2        = provides access to unix file and print services from
Desc3        = SMB compatible clients such as WinNT, WfWg, OS/2
Desc4        = and Pathworks. It also includes a ftp-style unix client
Desc5        = and a netbios nameserver.
Author       = Andrew Tridgell
AuthorEmail  =
Maintainer   = Andrew Tridgell
MaintEmail   =
Site1        =
Path1        = pub/samba/
File1        = samba-latest.tar.gz
FileSize1    = 200K
Required1    = Ansi-C compiler and a TCP/IP network.
CopyPolicy1  = GNU Public License
Keywords     = LanManager, SMB, Networking
Comment1     = To join the Samba mailing list send mail to 
Comment2     = with a body of
Comment3     = "subscribe samba Your Name"
Entered      = October 1994
EnteredBy    = Andrew Tridgell