INSTALL   [plain text]

To build and install rsync

  $ ./configure
  $ make
  # make install

You may set the installation directory and other parameters by options
to ./configure.  To see them, use:

  $ ./configure --help

As of 2.4.7, rsync uses Eric Troan's popt option-parsing library.  A
cut-down copy of release 1.5 is included in the rsync distribution,
and will be used it there is no popt library on your build host, or if
the --with-included-popt option is passed to ./configure.


The HP-UX 10.10 "bundled" C compiler seems not to be able to cope with
ANSI C.  You may see this error message in config.log if ./configure

  (Bundled) cc: "configure", line 2162: error 1705: Function prototypes are an ANSI feature.

Install gcc or HP's "ANSI/C Compiler".


Mac OS X (Darwin) seems to have an IPv6 stack, but it does not
completely implement the "New Sockets" API.  

<> says that Apple do not support
IPv6 yet.  If your build fails, try again with --disable-ipv6.