daemon-gzip-upload.test   [plain text]


# Copyright (C) 2001, 2002 by Martin Pool <mbp@samba.org>

# This program is distributable under the terms of the GNU GPL (see

# We don't really want to start the server listening, because that
# might interfere with the security or operation of the test machine.
# Instead we use the fake-connect feature to dynamically assign a pair
# of ports.

# This test tries to upload a file over a compressed connection to the
# server.  This ought to exercise (exorcise?) a bug in 2.5.3.

. "$suitedir/rsync.fns"


RSYNC_CONNECT_PROG="$RSYNC --config=$conf --daemon"


# Build chkdir with a normal rsync and an --exclude.
$RSYNC -av --exclude=foobar.baz "$fromdir/" "$chkdir/"

checkit "$RSYNC -avvvvz \"$fromdir/\" localhost::test-to/" "$chkdir" "$todir"

# The script would have aborted on error, so getting here means we've won.
exit 0