merge.test   [plain text]

#! /bin/sh

# Copyright (C) 2004 by Wayne Davison <>

# This program is distributable under the terms of the GNU GPL (see

# Make sure we can merge files from multiple directories into one.

. "$suitedir/rsync.fns"

set -x

# Build some files/dirs/links to copy


mkdir "$from1dir" "$from2dir" "$from3dir"
mkdir "$from2dir"/sub1 "$from3dir"/sub1
mkdir "$from3dir"/sub2
mkdir "$chkdir" "$chkdir"/sub1 "$chkdir"/sub2
echo "one" >"$from1dir"/one
cp -p "$from1dir"/one "$from2dir"/one
cp -p "$from1dir"/one "$from3dir"/one
echo "two" >"$from1dir"/two
echo "three" >"$from2dir"/three
echo "four" >"$from3dir"/four
echo "five" >"$from1dir"/five
echo "six" >"$from3dir"/six
echo "sub1" >"$from2dir"/sub1/uno
cp -p "$from2dir"/sub1/uno "$from3dir"/sub1/uno
echo "sub2" >"$from3dir"/sub1/dos
echo "sub3" >"$from2dir"/sub1/tres
echo "subby" >"$from3dir"/sub2/subby

cp -p "$from1dir"/one "$from1dir"/two "$from2dir"/three "$from3dir"/four "$from1dir"/five "$from3dir"/six "$chkdir"
cp -p "$from2dir"/sub1/uno "$from3dir"/sub1/dos "$from2dir"/sub1/tres "$chkdir"/sub1
cp -p "$from3dir"/sub2/subby "$chkdir"/sub2

# Get rid of any directory-time differences
$RSYNC -av --existing --include='*/' --exclude='*' "$from1dir/" "$from2dir/" "$from3dir/" "$chkdir/"

checkit "$RSYNC -aHvv \"$from1dir/\" \"$from2dir/\" \"$from3dir/\" \"$todir/\"" "$chkdir" "$todir"

# The script would have aborted on error, so getting here means we've won.
exit 0