exclude.test   [plain text]

#! /bin/sh

# Copyright (C) 2003 by Wayne Davison <wayned@samba.org>

# This program is distributable under the terms of the GNU GPL see

# Test rsync handling of exclude/include directives.  

# Test some of the more obscure wildcard handling of exclude/include
# processing.

. "$suitedir/rsync.fns"

set -x


# Build some files/dirs/links to copy

makepath "$fromdir/foo/down/to/you"
makepath "$fromdir/bar/down/to/foo/too"
makepath "$fromdir/mid/for/foo/and/that/is/who"
echo kept >"$fromdir/foo/file1"
echo removed >"$fromdir/foo/file2"
echo cvsout >"$fromdir/foo/file2.old"
echo cvsout >"$fromdir/bar/down/to/home-cvs-exclude"
echo keeper >"$fromdir/bar/down/to/foo/file1"
echo cvsout >"$fromdir/bar/down/to/foo/file1.bak"
echo gone >"$fromdir/bar/down/to/foo/file3"
echo lost >"$fromdir/bar/down/to/foo/file4"
echo cvsout >"$fromdir/bar/down/to/foo/file4.junk"
echo smashed >"$fromdir/bar/down/to/foo/to"
echo cvsout >"$fromdir/mid/one-in-one-out"
echo one-in-one-out >"$fromdir/mid/.cvsignore"
echo cvsin >"$fromdir/mid/one-for-all"
echo cvsin >"$fromdir/mid/for/one-in-one-out"
echo expunged >"$fromdir/mid/for/foo/extra"
echo retained >"$fromdir/mid/for/foo/keep"
ln -s too "$fromdir/bar/down/to/foo/sym"

# Setup our test exclude/include files.

cat >"$excl" <<EOF
# If the second line of these two lines does anything, it's a bug.
+ **/bar
- /bar
# This should match against the whole path, not just the name.
+ foo**too
# This should float at the end of the path.
- foo/*/
# Test some normal excludes.  Competing lines are paired.
+ t[o]/
- to
+ file4
- file[2-9]
- /mid/for/foo/extra

cat >"$scratchdir/.cvsignore" <<EOF

# Create the chk dir with what we expect to be excluded

checkit "$RSYNC -avv \"$fromdir/\" \"$chkdir/\"" "$fromdir" "$chkdir"

sleep 1 # Ensures that the rm commands will tweak the directory times.

rm -r "$chkdir"/foo/down
rm -r "$chkdir"/mid/for/foo/and
rm "$chkdir"/foo/file[235-9]
rm "$chkdir"/bar/down/to/foo/to "$chkdir"/bar/down/to/foo/file[235-9]
rm "$chkdir"/mid/for/foo/extra

# Un-tweak the directory times in our first (weak) exclude test (though
# it's a good test of the --existing option).
$RSYNC -av --existing --include='*/' --exclude='*' "$fromdir/" "$chkdir/"

# Now, test if rsync excludes the same files.

checkit "$RSYNC -avv --exclude-from=\"$excl\" \"$fromdir/\" \"$todir/\"" "$chkdir" "$todir"

# Modify the chk dir by removing cvs-ignored files and then tweaking the dir times.

rm "$chkdir"/foo/*.old
rm "$chkdir"/bar/down/to/foo/*.bak
rm "$chkdir"/bar/down/to/foo/*.junk
rm "$chkdir"/bar/down/to/home-cvs-exclude
rm "$chkdir"/mid/one-in-one-out

$RSYNC -av --existing --include='*/' --exclude='*' "$fromdir/" "$chkdir/"

# Now, test if rsync excludes the same files, this time with --cvs-exclude
# and --delete-excluded.

checkit "$RSYNC -avvC --exclude-from=\"$excl\" \
    --delete-excluded \"$fromdir/\" \"$todir/\"" "$chkdir" "$todir"

# The script would have aborted on error, so getting here means we've won.
exit 0