chmod.test   [plain text]

#! /bin/sh

# Copyright (C) 2004 by Wayne Davison <>

# This program is distributable under the terms of the GNU GPL see

# Test that various read-only and set[ug]id permissions work properly,
# even when using a --temp-dir option (which we try to point at a
# different filesystem than the destination dir).

. "$suitedir/rsync.fns"

set -x


chmod 440 "$fromdir/text"
chmod 500 "$fromdir/dir/text"
chmod 6450 "$e" || chmod 2450 "$e" || chmod 1450 "$e" || chmod 450 "$e"
chmod 2670 "$e" || chmod 1670 "$e" || chmod 670 "$e"

# First a normal copy.
runtest "normal copy" 'checkit "$RSYNC -avv \"$fromdir/\" \"$todir\"" "$fromdir" "$todir"'

# Then we update all the files.
runtest "update copy" 'checkit "$RSYNC -avvI --no-whole-file \"$fromdir/\" \"$todir\"" "$fromdir" "$todir"'

# The script would have aborted on error, so getting here means we've won.
exit 0