FEATURES   [plain text]

Summary of what SmartList provides:
	+ The overseeable management of an arbitrary number of mailinglists
	+ Convenient and simple creation of new mailinglists
	+ Convenient and simple removal of existing mailinglists
	+ Fully automated subscription/unsubscription/help-request processing
	  (no operator intervention needed)
	+ Enough intelligence to overcome the ignorance of some subscribers
	  (will direct subscribe and unsubscribe requests away from the
	  regular list and automatically onto the -request address)
	+ No hardwired format for (un)subscribe requests (i.e. new subscribers
	  need not be educated, unsubscribing users do not need to remember
	  any particular syntax)
	+ *Intelligent* autoremoval of addresses from the list that cause
	  too many bounces
	+ Submissions can be limited to people on the accept list (which could
	  be the current list of subscribers)
	+ The fully automated subscription mechanism allows for a reject list
	  of unwanted subscribers and a general address screening mechanism
	  which allows you to control exactly who is allowed to subscribe
	+ Optional implicit subscription upon first submission to the list
	+ MIME-compliant auto-digest-generation (configurable per list)
	+ Joint management of several mailinglists possible
	+ Customisation per mailinglist or mailinglist group possible (simply
	  remove or create the desired links)
	+ A listmaintainer can be assigned per list;  miscellaneous requests
	  that couldn't be handled by the list automatically are then
	  forwarded to his mail address (instead of being accumulated in
	  a file)
	+ Allows for remote maintenance of any mailinglist by a
	+ Integrated archiving service
	+ Integrated diagnostic aid to give hints to the maintainer about
	  possible problems
	+ Moderated mailinglists with an arbitrary number of moderators
	+ Automatically eliminates duplicate submissions
	+ You can set up a mailinglist to function as a standalone mail
	  archive server
	+ Extended MIME support (autorecognition, encapsulation and suitable
	  encoding of well known (and unknown) file formats)
	+ The archive server can send arbitrarily long (even binary) files
	  in MIME-multipart mails
	+ Provides rfc2369-compliant List- headers