KNOWN_BUGS   [plain text]

TIMEOUT doesn't always work
    If a shell is invoked then procmail may wait while executing a
    command for longer than TIMEOUT specifies.

regexp matching bug
    Some regexps may return an incorrect value in the MATCH variable.
    In particular, this can happen when 'redundant' * or + operators
    appear on the lefthand side of the \/ token.  (The current best
    guess is that fixing this would require moving the "beginning of
    match" pointer into the "per-task" regexp structure.)

Incorrect usage of -lnsl and -lsocket
    libsocket and libnsl should be avoided if not needed as they're
    broken under at least one version of IRIX.	If your procmail
    binary doesn't reliably find user's home directories, or otherwise
    appears to have problems accessing the passwd file, try removing
    -lnsl and -lsocket from the SEARCHLIBS variable in the Makefile,
    then recompile.

No "$@" in logged abstract
    When passing "$@" to a command, the "Folder:" logged does not
    include any of arguments passed via the "$@"

Custom delimiter lossage
    When using a custom message delimiter (like MMDF's ^A^A^A^A\n)
    procmail fails to escape the delimiter in incoming messages,
    resulting in corrupted mailboxes.  Best current workaround is
    to put a recipe in the /etc/procmailrc file that reads something
	:0 fw
	* ^A^A^A^A$
	|perl -pe 's:\001\001\001\001$:\002\002\002\002:'
    The "^A"s in the condition need to be real control-A characters.

Lost value on failed chdir()
    If the user assigns a value to MAILDIR and the chdir() fails,
    the previous value of the variable (but not the process's cwd)
    is lost and replaced with "."

Control-M isn't whitespace
    Every so often someone copies an rcfile from a Windows box and
    it ends up with CRs on the end of every line.  They should be
    treated just like spaces and tabs are.  As is, the results are
    really confusing.

Shell Expansion
    Shell expansion of conditions via the '$' special treats
    double-quotes weirdly.  They should not be considered special
    at all there.

Backslash-newline inconsistencies
    Backslash-newline removal is almost completely inconsistent and
    should be straightened out some how, but without breaking
    anything that's in use.