Manifest   [plain text]

Makefile	We all know what that is.
README		Important, read it.
INSTALL		A description of what has to be done to install procmail.

config.h	The file to edit if you want to change, yes, the configuration.

FAQ		Lists the things you are too lazy to figure out yourself.
HISTORY		Recent and ancient changes, features (or bugs) documented.
FEATURES	A summary of all the things procmail is particularly good at.
Manifest	You guessed it.
initmake	A shell script that performs some preliminary tests on your
		system and prepares the Makefiles.
Makefile.1	Used by initmake to customise the Makefile.

src/*		The C-sources (in general).
src/Makefile.0	Used by initmake to customise the Makefile.

src/includes.h	System include files are all referenced here.
src/autoconf	The shell script that seizes your compiler and machine,
		and then creates a file called autoconf.h describing the
		kludges that are going to be applied for your installation.

new/*		After a "make", all the files that will be installed can be
		found here (for inspection, if you like).

man/*		Yes, the man pages (made in a labour camp) and two additional
		files which make these man pages auto-adapting.
man/Makefile.0	Used by initmake to customise the Makefile.
		A summary generator for procmail generated logfiles.
		Sample .procmailrc files.
		Sample shell scripts that demonstrate how to use
		lockfiles while reading the mail (to ensure mail integrity
		as soon as you exit the mail program).
		Substitute dirname program, for the deprived.
		A sample .forward file (MMDF users should disregard this file
		and look in the man page).
		Some extra info for network mounted mailboxes, examples of
		advanced .procmailrc expressions and using procmail as
		a local delivery agent.
SmartList/*	All you need to start up lots of mailinglists.
		A summary of all the SmartList package will take care of.
		Comprehensive introduction on maintaining a mailinglist.