- Walcir Fontanini <>
  * tested on Solaris 2.5 and and reported missing "snprintf()"
    -> was fixed in pfixtls-0.1.2
  * contributed the script to add fingerprints

- Matti Aarnio <> (
  * updated pfixtls_dump to need fewer strcat and strcpy calls.

- Cerebus <>
  * Missing variable initialization in client mode enable STARTTLS
    negotiation even when not wanted.
    -> fixed in pfixtls-0.2.8 

- Bodo Moeller <>
  * The SSL connection was not shut down at the end of the session, because
    SSL_CTX_set_quiet_shutdown() was set. This however did not mean "do a
    quiet shutdown" but "do not shutdown SSL".
    -> fixed in pfixtls-0.3.3

- Jeff Johnson <>
  * noted that the patch code will not compile with SSL disabled anymore,
    because a ´#ifdef HAS_SSL #endif´ encapsulation was missing in
    smtp/smtp_connect.c. This must have been in since the very beginning
    of client mode support (0.2.x).
    -> fixed in 0.3.6

- Craig Sanders <>
  * noted that the Received: header does not contain sufficient information
    whether a client certificate was not requested or not presented.
    He also reminded me that the session cache must be cleared when
    experimenting with the setup and certificates, what is not explained
    in the documenation.
    -> fixed in 0.4.4

- Claus Assmann <>
  * pointed out that the Received: header logging about the TLS state violated
    RFC822. The TLS information must be in comment form "(info)".
    -> fixed in 0.6.3

- Wietse Venema <>
  * uncounted important suggestions to start the integration into the Postfix
    mainstream code.
  * code adjustments in the dict_*() database code to allow easier inclusion
    and use for session caching, and this is only the beginning :-)
    -> started reprogramming Postfix/TLS to fit both Wietse's and my
       requirements as of 0.6.0

- Damien Miller <>
  * Found mismatch between documentation and code with regard to logging.
    -> fixed in 0.6.6

- Deti Fliegl <>
  * Provided an initial patch to support SubjectAlternativeName/dNSName
    -> added in 0.8.14