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<title>Postfix and Ultrix </title>

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<h1><img src="postfix-logo.jpg" width="203" height="98" ALT="">Postfix and Ultrix </h1>


<h2> Postfix on Ultrix </h2>

<p> This document is probably only of historical value, because
Ultrix version 4 dates from the early 1990s. However, as long as
Wietse keeps Postfix alive for SunOS 4, it is likely to run on
Ultrix 4 with very little change. Feedback is welcome if anyone
actually still uses Postfix on any version of Ultrix. </p>

<p> The source of this document is an email message by Christian von Roques
that was sent on Jun 2, 1999. </p>


<p> I've upgraded the MTA of our DECstation-3100 running Ultrix4.3a to
postfix-19990317-pl05 and am sending you the patches I needed to get
it running under Ultrix. </p>

<p> . . . </p>

<p> One of the bugs of Ultrix's /bin/sh is that shell-variables
set in arguments of `:' expand to garbage if expanded in here-documents.
Using a different shell helps.  I needed to replace all calls of
``sh .../makedefs'' by ``$(SHELL) .../makedefs'' in all the
Makefile.in and am now able to use ``make SHELL=/bin/sh5'' or zsh.

<p> . . . </p>

<p> Ultrix's FD_SET_SIZE is 4096, but getdtablesize()
returns 64 by default, if not increased when building a new
kernel.  getrlimit() doesn't know RLIMIT_NOFILE.  This makes
event_init() always log the warning: `could allocate space for
only 64 open files'. </p>

<p> I just reduced the threshold from 256 to 64, but this is not good.
The initial problem still remains: How to disable this warning on
Ultrix without making the source ugly?   </p>


<p> To work around the first problem, all the Makefile.in files
have been updated to use `$(SHELL)' instead of `sh'. So you only
need to supply a non-default shell in order to eliminate Ultrix
shell trouble.  </p>

<p> To work around the latter, util/sys_defs.h was updated for
Ultrix, with a default FD_SETSIZE of 100.  This should be sufficient
for a workstation. Even in 1999, no-one would run a major mail hub
on Ultrix 4. </p>