COMPATIBILITY   [plain text]

.forward	yes (empty files; can enable/disable mail to /file or |command)
/usr/mail	yes (compile time option)
/usr/spool/mail	yes (compile time option)
/var/mail	yes (compile time option)
/var/spool/mail	yes (compile time option)
8bit->7bit MIME	yes
:include:	yes (mail to /file and |command is off by default)
address probing	yes (optional persistent database)
aliases		yes (can enable/disable mail to /file or |command)
bare newlines	yes (but will send CRLF)
blacklisting	yes (client name/addr; helo hostname; mail from; rcpt to)
content filter	yes (before and after queue, internal and external)
db tables	yes (compile time option)
dbm tables	yes (compile time option)
delivered-to	yes (configurable with prepend_delivered_header)
dsn		not yet (bounces have DSN form)
errors-to:	yes (disabled by default since Postfix 2.1)
esmtp		yes
etrn support	yes (per-destination log for authorized destinations only)
fcntl locking	yes (runtime configurable)
flock locking	yes (runtime configurable)
genericstable	no  (to be done)
greylist	yes (delegated policy script)
home mailbox	yes
ident lookup	no
ipv6	        no  (to be done, patches exist)
ldap tables	yes (contributed)
lmtp support	yes (client)
luser relay	yes
m4 config	no
mail to command	yes (configurable for .forward, aliases, :include:)
mail to file	yes (configurable for .forward, aliases, :include:)
maildir		yes (in home, system mailspool, /file/name/ alias)
mailertable	yes (it's called transport)
mailq		yes
majordomo	yes (edit approve script to delete /^delivered-to:/i)
mime		yes (including 8bit to quoted-printable conversion)
mime conversion	not yet; postfix uses just-send-eight
mysql tables	yes (contributed)
netinfo tables	yes (contributed)
newaliases	yes (main alias database only)
nis tables	yes
nis+ tables	not yet
no <> in smtp	yes (most common address forms)
pgsql tables	yes (contributed)
pipeline option	yes (server and client)
pop/imap	yes (with third-party daemons that use /var[/spool]/mail)
qmqp server	yes (with verp support)
rbl support	yes
return-receipt:	no
rhsbl support	yes
sasl support	yes (compile time option)
sendmail -bt	no
sendmail -bv	yes (sends delivery report via email)
sendmail -q	yes
sendmail -qRxxx	yes (for domains specified in fast_flush_domains)
sendmail -qSxxx	no
sendmail -qtime	ignored
sendmail -v	yes (sends delivery report via email)	no (uses table-driven address rewriting)
size option	yes, server and client
smarthost	yes (specify relayhost in
spf		yes (delegated policy script)
starttls        yes (third party patch)
tcp wrapper	no (use built-in blacklist facility)
user+extension	yes (also: .forward+extension)
user-extension	yes (also: .forward-extension)
user.lock	yes (runtime configurable)
uucp support	yes (sends user@domain recipients)
verp support	yes (delimiters are configurable)
virtual domains	yes (via local delivery agent and via dedicated delivery agent)
year 2000 safe	yes