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& This command macro creates the appropriate subdirectory
& for the specified processor type and then runs the
& build macro in that subdirectory to create the perl
& executable program module file.
& Written 99-02-03 by Paul Green (
     cpu       option(-processor)name,allow(mc68020,i80860,pa7100,pa8000),=mc68020
     recompile switch(-recompile),=1
     rebind    switch(-rebind),=1
     module    option(-module)module_name,='(current_module)'
&echo command_lines
&if &recompile&
&then &set_string recompile -recompile
&else &set_string recompile -no_recompile
&if &rebind&
&then &set_string rebind -rebind
&else &set_string rebind -no_rebind
&if &cpu& = mc68020
&then &set_string obj ''
&if &cpu& = i80860
&then &set_string obj .860
&if &cpu& = pa7100
&then &set_string obj .7100
&if &cpu& = pa8000
&then &set_string obj .8000
&if ^ (exists obj&obj& -directory)
&then !create_dir obj&obj&
&if ^ (exists obj&obj&>build.out)
&then !create_file obj&obj&>build.out ; set_implicit_locking obj&obj&>build.out
!change_current_dir obj&obj&
!start_process (string <build -processor &cpu& &recompile& &rebind&) -module &module&
!change_current_dir <