AUTHORS   [plain text]

Tim Martin <> wrote, debugged, and tested most of the

Rob Siemborski <> wrote the self-contained autoconf system.

Larry Greenfield <> talked a lot.

Igor Brezac <> has done a good deal of work on the saslauthd
LDAP module.

Jeremy Rumpf <> implemented the credential cache, unified
the different IPC methods under a common framework.

Fabian Knittel <> wrote auth_pam plugin, based on
Debian's pwcheck_pam daemon by Michael-John Turner <>.

saslauthd was originally contributed by Lyndon Nerenberg on
behalf of MessagingDirect Ltd.

getaddrinfo.c was written by Hajimu UMEMOTO <>
which is based on the IPv6 code written by KIKUCHI Takahiro