sasl.spec   [plain text]

Summary: SASL API implementation
Name: sasl
Version: 2.0.1
Release: 1
Copyright: CMU
Group: Libraries
Packager: Rob Earhart <>
Requires: gdbm

This is an implemention of the SASL API, useful for adding
authentication, authorization, and security to network protocols.  The
SASL protocol itself is documented in rfc2222; the API standard is a
work in progress.

%package devel
%summary: SASL development headers and examples

%description devel
This includes the header files and documentation needed to develop
applications which use SASL.

%package plug-anonymous
%summary: SASL ANONYMOUS mechanism plugin

%description plug-anonymous
This plugin implements the SASL ANONYMOUS mechanism,
used for anonymous authentication.

%package plug-crammd5
%summary: SASL CRAM-MD5 mechanism plugin

%description plug-crammd5
This plugin implements the SASL CRAM-MD5 mechanism.
CRAM-MD5 is the mandatory-to-implement authentication mechanism for a
number of protocols; it uses MD5 with a challenge/response system to
authenticate the user.

%package plug-digestmd5
%summary: SASL DIGEST-MD5 mechanism plugin

%description plug-digestmd5
This plugin implements the latest draft of the SASL DIGEST-MD5
mechanism.  Although not yet finalized, this is likely to become the
new mandatory-to-implement authentication system in all new protocols.
It's based on the digest md5 authentication system designed for HTTP.

%package plug-kerberos4
%summary: SASL KERBEROS_V4 mechanism plugin

%description plug-kerberos4
This plugin implements the SASL KERBEROS_V4 mechanism, allowing
authentication via kerberos version four.

%package plug-plain
%summary: SASL PLAIN mechanism plugin

%description plug-plain
This plugin implements the SASL PLAIN mechanism.  Although insecure,
PLAIN is useful for transitioning to new security mechanisms, as this
is the only mechanism which gives the server a copy of the user's

%package plug-scrammd5
%summary: SASL SCRAM-MD5 mechanism plugin

%description plug-scrammd5
This plugin implements the SASL SCRAM-MD5 mechanism.  Although
deprecated (this will be replaced by DIGEST-MD5 at some point), it may
be useful for the time being.


./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-java

make install

if test $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/sasl != /usr/lib/sasl; then
  ln -s $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/sasl /usr/lib/sasl

if test -L /usr/lib/sasl; then
  rm /usr/lib/sasl


%files devel
%doc doc/rfc2222.txt sample/sample-client.c sample/sample-server.c testing.txt

%files plug-anonymous
%doc doc/draft-newman-sasl-anon-00.txt

%files plug-crammd5
%doc doc/rfc1321.txt doc/rfc2095.txt doc/rfc2104.txt

%files plug-digestmd5
%doc doc/draft-leach-digest-sasl-01.txt 

%files plug-kerberos4

%files plug-plain