tvtots.c   [plain text]

 * tvtots - tables for converting from Unix struct timeval's to
 *	    NTP time stamp format.
#include <sys/types.h>

#include "ntp_types.h"

 * Tables to calculate time stamp fractions from usecs.  The entries
 * in these tables are offset into using each of the two low order
 * bytes plus the next 4 bits in a usec value (from a struct timeval).
 * These are summed to produce the time stamp fraction.
 * Note that these tables are rounded (not truncated) to the nearest
 * low order bit in the fraction.  The timestamp computed should be
 * +- 1.5 low order bits.

u_long ustotslo[256] = {
	0x00000000, 0x000010c7, 0x0000218e, 0x00003255,
	0x0000431c, 0x000053e3, 0x000064aa, 0x00007571,
	0x00008638, 0x000096ff, 0x0000a7c6, 0x0000b88d,
	0x0000c954, 0x0000da1b, 0x0000eae2, 0x0000fba9,
	0x00010c6f, 0x00011d36, 0x00012dfd, 0x00013ec4,
	0x00014f8b, 0x00016052, 0x00017119, 0x000181e0,
	0x000192a7, 0x0001a36e, 0x0001b435, 0x0001c4fc,
	0x0001d5c3, 0x0001e68a, 0x0001f751, 0x00020818,
	0x000218df, 0x000229a6, 0x00023a6d, 0x00024b34,
	0x00025bfb, 0x00026cc2, 0x00027d89, 0x00028e50,
	0x00029f17, 0x0002afde, 0x0002c0a5, 0x0002d16c,
	0x0002e233, 0x0002f2fa, 0x000303c0, 0x00031487,
	0x0003254e, 0x00033615, 0x000346dc, 0x000357a3,
	0x0003686a, 0x00037931, 0x000389f8, 0x00039abf,
	0x0003ab86, 0x0003bc4d, 0x0003cd14, 0x0003dddb,
	0x0003eea2, 0x0003ff69, 0x00041030, 0x000420f7,
	0x000431be, 0x00044285, 0x0004534c, 0x00046413,
	0x000474da, 0x000485a1, 0x00049668, 0x0004a72f,
	0x0004b7f6, 0x0004c8bd, 0x0004d984, 0x0004ea4b,
	0x0004fb12, 0x00050bd8, 0x00051c9f, 0x00052d66,
	0x00053e2d, 0x00054ef4, 0x00055fbb, 0x00057082,
	0x00058149, 0x00059210, 0x0005a2d7, 0x0005b39e,
	0x0005c465, 0x0005d52c, 0x0005e5f3, 0x0005f6ba,
	0x00060781, 0x00061848, 0x0006290f, 0x000639d6,
	0x00064a9d, 0x00065b64, 0x00066c2b, 0x00067cf2,
	0x00068db9, 0x00069e80, 0x0006af47, 0x0006c00e,
	0x0006d0d5, 0x0006e19c, 0x0006f263, 0x00070329,
	0x000713f0, 0x000724b7, 0x0007357e, 0x00074645,
	0x0007570c, 0x000767d3, 0x0007789a, 0x00078961,
	0x00079a28, 0x0007aaef, 0x0007bbb6, 0x0007cc7d,
	0x0007dd44, 0x0007ee0b, 0x0007fed2, 0x00080f99,
	0x00082060, 0x00083127, 0x000841ee, 0x000852b5,
	0x0008637c, 0x00087443, 0x0008850a, 0x000895d1,
	0x0008a698, 0x0008b75f, 0x0008c826, 0x0008d8ed,
	0x0008e9b4, 0x0008fa7b, 0x00090b41, 0x00091c08,
	0x00092ccf, 0x00093d96, 0x00094e5d, 0x00095f24,
	0x00096feb, 0x000980b2, 0x00099179, 0x0009a240,
	0x0009b307, 0x0009c3ce, 0x0009d495, 0x0009e55c,
	0x0009f623, 0x000a06ea, 0x000a17b1, 0x000a2878,
	0x000a393f, 0x000a4a06, 0x000a5acd, 0x000a6b94,
	0x000a7c5b, 0x000a8d22, 0x000a9de9, 0x000aaeb0,
	0x000abf77, 0x000ad03e, 0x000ae105, 0x000af1cc,
	0x000b0292, 0x000b1359, 0x000b2420, 0x000b34e7,
	0x000b45ae, 0x000b5675, 0x000b673c, 0x000b7803,
	0x000b88ca, 0x000b9991, 0x000baa58, 0x000bbb1f,
	0x000bcbe6, 0x000bdcad, 0x000bed74, 0x000bfe3b,
	0x000c0f02, 0x000c1fc9, 0x000c3090, 0x000c4157,
	0x000c521e, 0x000c62e5, 0x000c73ac, 0x000c8473,
	0x000c953a, 0x000ca601, 0x000cb6c8, 0x000cc78f,
	0x000cd856, 0x000ce91d, 0x000cf9e4, 0x000d0aaa,
	0x000d1b71, 0x000d2c38, 0x000d3cff, 0x000d4dc6,
	0x000d5e8d, 0x000d6f54, 0x000d801b, 0x000d90e2,
	0x000da1a9, 0x000db270, 0x000dc337, 0x000dd3fe,
	0x000de4c5, 0x000df58c, 0x000e0653, 0x000e171a,
	0x000e27e1, 0x000e38a8, 0x000e496f, 0x000e5a36,
	0x000e6afd, 0x000e7bc4, 0x000e8c8b, 0x000e9d52,
	0x000eae19, 0x000ebee0, 0x000ecfa7, 0x000ee06e,
	0x000ef135, 0x000f01fb, 0x000f12c2, 0x000f2389,
	0x000f3450, 0x000f4517, 0x000f55de, 0x000f66a5,
	0x000f776c, 0x000f8833, 0x000f98fa, 0x000fa9c1,
	0x000fba88, 0x000fcb4f, 0x000fdc16, 0x000fecdd,
	0x000ffda4, 0x00100e6b, 0x00101f32, 0x00102ff9,
	0x001040c0, 0x00105187, 0x0010624e, 0x00107315,
	0x001083dc, 0x001094a3, 0x0010a56a, 0x0010b631,

u_long ustotsmid[256] = {
	0x00000000, 0x0010c6f8, 0x00218def, 0x003254e7,
	0x00431bde, 0x0053e2d6, 0x0064a9ce, 0x007570c5,
	0x008637bd, 0x0096feb4, 0x00a7c5ac, 0x00b88ca4,
	0x00c9539b, 0x00da1a93, 0x00eae18a, 0x00fba882,
	0x010c6f7a, 0x011d3671, 0x012dfd69, 0x013ec460,
	0x014f8b58, 0x01605250, 0x01711947, 0x0181e03f,
	0x0192a736, 0x01a36e2e, 0x01b43526, 0x01c4fc1d,
	0x01d5c315, 0x01e68a0c, 0x01f75104, 0x020817fc,
	0x0218def3, 0x0229a5eb, 0x023a6ce3, 0x024b33da,
	0x025bfad2, 0x026cc1c9, 0x027d88c1, 0x028e4fb9,
	0x029f16b0, 0x02afdda8, 0x02c0a49f, 0x02d16b97,
	0x02e2328f, 0x02f2f986, 0x0303c07e, 0x03148775,
	0x03254e6d, 0x03361565, 0x0346dc5c, 0x0357a354,
	0x03686a4b, 0x03793143, 0x0389f83b, 0x039abf32,
	0x03ab862a, 0x03bc4d21, 0x03cd1419, 0x03dddb11,
	0x03eea208, 0x03ff6900, 0x04102ff7, 0x0420f6ef,
	0x0431bde7, 0x044284de, 0x04534bd6, 0x046412cd,
	0x0474d9c5, 0x0485a0bd, 0x049667b4, 0x04a72eac,
	0x04b7f5a3, 0x04c8bc9b, 0x04d98393, 0x04ea4a8a,
	0x04fb1182, 0x050bd879, 0x051c9f71, 0x052d6669,
	0x053e2d60, 0x054ef458, 0x055fbb4f, 0x05708247,
	0x0581493f, 0x05921036, 0x05a2d72e, 0x05b39e25,
	0x05c4651d, 0x05d52c15, 0x05e5f30c, 0x05f6ba04,
	0x060780fb, 0x061847f3, 0x06290eeb, 0x0639d5e2,
	0x064a9cda, 0x065b63d2, 0x066c2ac9, 0x067cf1c1,
	0x068db8b8, 0x069e7fb0, 0x06af46a8, 0x06c00d9f,
	0x06d0d497, 0x06e19b8e, 0x06f26286, 0x0703297e,
	0x0713f075, 0x0724b76d, 0x07357e64, 0x0746455c,
	0x07570c54, 0x0767d34b, 0x07789a43, 0x0789613a,
	0x079a2832, 0x07aaef2a, 0x07bbb621, 0x07cc7d19,
	0x07dd4410, 0x07ee0b08, 0x07fed200, 0x080f98f7,
	0x08205fef, 0x083126e6, 0x0841edde, 0x0852b4d6,
	0x08637bcd, 0x087442c5, 0x088509bc, 0x0895d0b4,
	0x08a697ac, 0x08b75ea3, 0x08c8259b, 0x08d8ec92,
	0x08e9b38a, 0x08fa7a82, 0x090b4179, 0x091c0871,
	0x092ccf68, 0x093d9660, 0x094e5d58, 0x095f244f,
	0x096feb47, 0x0980b23e, 0x09917936, 0x09a2402e,
	0x09b30725, 0x09c3ce1d, 0x09d49514, 0x09e55c0c,
	0x09f62304, 0x0a06e9fb, 0x0a17b0f3, 0x0a2877ea,
	0x0a393ee2, 0x0a4a05da, 0x0a5accd1, 0x0a6b93c9,
	0x0a7c5ac1, 0x0a8d21b8, 0x0a9de8b0, 0x0aaeafa7,
	0x0abf769f, 0x0ad03d97, 0x0ae1048e, 0x0af1cb86,
	0x0b02927d, 0x0b135975, 0x0b24206d, 0x0b34e764,
	0x0b45ae5c, 0x0b567553, 0x0b673c4b, 0x0b780343,
	0x0b88ca3a, 0x0b999132, 0x0baa5829, 0x0bbb1f21,
	0x0bcbe619, 0x0bdcad10, 0x0bed7408, 0x0bfe3aff,
	0x0c0f01f7, 0x0c1fc8ef, 0x0c308fe6, 0x0c4156de,
	0x0c521dd5, 0x0c62e4cd, 0x0c73abc5, 0x0c8472bc,
	0x0c9539b4, 0x0ca600ab, 0x0cb6c7a3, 0x0cc78e9b,
	0x0cd85592, 0x0ce91c8a, 0x0cf9e381, 0x0d0aaa79,
	0x0d1b7171, 0x0d2c3868, 0x0d3cff60, 0x0d4dc657,
	0x0d5e8d4f, 0x0d6f5447, 0x0d801b3e, 0x0d90e236,
	0x0da1a92d, 0x0db27025, 0x0dc3371d, 0x0dd3fe14,
	0x0de4c50c, 0x0df58c03, 0x0e0652fb, 0x0e1719f3,
	0x0e27e0ea, 0x0e38a7e2, 0x0e496ed9, 0x0e5a35d1,
	0x0e6afcc9, 0x0e7bc3c0, 0x0e8c8ab8, 0x0e9d51b0,
	0x0eae18a7, 0x0ebedf9f, 0x0ecfa696, 0x0ee06d8e,
	0x0ef13486, 0x0f01fb7d, 0x0f12c275, 0x0f23896c,
	0x0f345064, 0x0f45175c, 0x0f55de53, 0x0f66a54b,
	0x0f776c42, 0x0f88333a, 0x0f98fa32, 0x0fa9c129,
	0x0fba8821, 0x0fcb4f18, 0x0fdc1610, 0x0fecdd08,
	0x0ffda3ff, 0x100e6af7, 0x101f31ee, 0x102ff8e6,
	0x1040bfde, 0x105186d5, 0x10624dcd, 0x107314c4,
	0x1083dbbc, 0x1094a2b4, 0x10a569ab, 0x10b630a3,

u_long ustotshi[16] = {
	0x00000000, 0x10c6f79a, 0x218def35, 0x3254e6cf,
	0x431bde6a, 0x53e2d604, 0x64a9cd9f, 0x7570c539,
	0x8637bcd3, 0x96feb46e, 0xa7c5ac08, 0xb88ca3a3,
	0xc9539b3d, 0xda1a92d7, 0xeae18a72, 0xfba8820c,