msutotsf.c   [plain text]

 * msutotsf - tables for converting from a subsecond millisecond value
 *	      to a time stamp fraction.
#include <sys/types.h>

#include "ntp_types.h"

 * Index each of these tables with five bits of the (less than) 10
 * bit millisecond value.  Note that the tables are rounded (not
 * truncated).  The error in the result will thus be +-1 low order
 * bit in the time stamp fraction.
u_long msutotsflo[32] = {
	0x00000000, 0x00418937, 0x0083126f, 0x00c49ba6,
	0x010624dd, 0x0147ae14, 0x0189374c, 0x01cac083,
	0x020c49ba, 0x024dd2f2, 0x028f5c29, 0x02d0e560,
	0x03126e98, 0x0353f7cf, 0x03958106, 0x03d70a3d,
	0x04189375, 0x045a1cac, 0x049ba5e3, 0x04dd2f1b,
	0x051eb852, 0x05604189, 0x05a1cac1, 0x05e353f8,
	0x0624dd2f, 0x06666666, 0x06a7ef9e, 0x06e978d5,
	0x072b020c, 0x076c8b44, 0x07ae147b, 0x07ef9db2

u_long msutotsfhi[32] = {
	0x00000000, 0x083126e9, 0x10624dd3, 0x189374bc,
	0x20c49ba6, 0x28f5c28f, 0x3126e979, 0x39581062,
	0x4189374c, 0x49ba5e35, 0x51eb851f, 0x5a1cac08,
	0x624dd2f2, 0x6a7ef9db, 0x72b020c5, 0x7ae147ae,
	0x83126e98, 0x8b439581, 0x9374bc6a, 0x9ba5e354,
	0xa3d70a3d, 0xac083127, 0xb4395810, 0xbc6a7efa,
	0xc49ba5e3, 0xcccccccd, 0xd4fdf3b6, 0xdd2f1aa0,
	0xe5604189, 0xed916873, 0xf5c28f5c, 0xfdf3b646