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		<title>ntptime - read and set kernel time variables</title>
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		<h3><tt>ntptime</tt> - read and set kernel time variables</h3>
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		<p>The turtle has been swimming in the kernel.</p>
		<p>Last update: <csobj format="ShortTime" h="25" locale="00000409" region="0" t="DateTime" w="61">16:40</csobj> UTC <csobj format="LongDate" h="25" locale="00000409" region="0" t="DateTime" w="289">Wednesday, March 12, 2008</csobj></p>
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		<tt>ntptime [ -chr ] [ -e <i>est_error</i> ] [ -f <i>frequency</i> ] [ -m <i>max_error</i> ] [ -o <i>offset</i> ] [ -s <i>status</i> ] [ -t <i>time_constant</i>]</tt>
		<p>This program is useful only with special kernels described in the <a href="kern.html">A Kernel Model for Precision Timekeeping</a> page. It reads and displays time-related kernel variables using the <tt>ntp_gettime()</tt> system call. A similar display can be obtained using the <tt>ntpdc</tt> program and <tt>kerninfo</tt> command.</p>
			<dd>Display the execution time of <tt>ntptime</tt> itself.
			<dt><tt>-e <i>est_error</i></tt>
			<dd>Specify estimated error, in microseconds.
			<dt><tt>-f <i>frequency</i></tt>
			<dd>Specify frequency offset, in parts per million.
			<dd>Display help information.
			<dt><tt>-m <i>max_error</i></tt>
			<dd>Specify max possible errors, in microseconds.
			<dt><tt>-o <i>offset</i></tt>
			<dd>Specify clock offset, in microseconds.
			<dd>Display Unix and NTP times in raw format.
			<dt><tt>-s <i>status</i></tt>
			<dd>Specify clock status. Better know what you are doing.
			<dt><tt>-t <i>time_constant</i></tt>
			<dd>Specify time constant, an integer in the range 0-10.
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