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		<title>Hints and Kinks</title>
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		<h3>Hints and Kinks</h3>
		<img src="pic/alice35.gif" align="left"><a href="http://www.eecis.udel.edu/%7emills/pictures.html"> from <i>Alice's Adventures in Wonderland</i>, Lewis Carroll</a>
		<p>Mother in law has all the answers.</p>
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		<p>This is an index for a set of troubleshooting notes contained in individual text files in the <tt>./hints</tt> directory. They were supplied by various volunteers in the form of mail messages, patches or just plain word of mouth. Each note applies to a specific computer and operating system and gives information found useful in setting up the NTP distribution or site configuration. The notes are very informal and subject to errors; no attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of the information contained in them.</p>
		<p>Additions or corrections to this list or the information contained in the notes is solicited. The most useful submissions include the name of the computer manufacturer (and model numbers where appropriate), operating system (specific version(s) where appropriate), problem description, problem solution and submitter's name and electric address. If the submitter is willing to continue debate on the problem, please so advise. See the <a href="hints/">directory listing</a>.</p>
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