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		<title>Zyfer GPStarplus Receiver</title>
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		<h3>Zyfer GPStarplus Receiver</h3>
		Address: 127.127.42.<i>u</i><br>
		Reference ID: <tt>GPS</tt><br>
		Driver ID: <tt>Zyfer GPStarplus</tt><br>
		Serial Port: <tt>/dev/zyfer<i>u</i></tt>; 9600 baud, 8-bits, no parity<br>
		Features: <tt>(none)</tt>
		<p>This driver supports the <a href="">Zyfer GPStarplus</a> receiver.</p>
		<p>The receiver has a DB15 port on the back which has input TxD and RxD lines for configuration and control, and a separate TxD line for the once-per-second timestamp.</p>
		<p>Additionally, there are BNC connectors on the back for things like PPS and IRIG output.</p>
		<h4>Additional Information</h4>
		<p><a href="../refclock.html">Reference Clock Drivers</a></p>
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