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		<title>Chrono-log K-series WWVB receiver</title>
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		<h3>Chrono-log K-series WWVB receiver</h3>
		<p>Address: 127.127.32.<i>u</i><br>
			Reference ID: <tt>CHRONOLOG</tt><br>
			Driver ID: <tt>CHRONOLOG</tt><br>
			Serial Port: <tt>/dev/chronolog<i>u</i></tt>; 2400 bps, 8-bits, no parity<br>
			Features: <tt>(none)</tt></p>
		<p>This driver supports the Chrono-log K-series WWVB receiver. This is a very old receiver without provisions for leap seconds, quality codes, etc. It assumes output in the local time zone, and that the C library mktime()/localtime() routines will correctly convert back and forth between local and UTC. There is a hack in the driver for permitting UTC, but it has not been tested.</p>
		<p>Most of this code is originally from refclock_wwvb.c with thanks. It has been so mangled that wwvb is not a recognizable ancestor.</p>
Timecode format: Y yy/mm/ddCLZhh:mm:ssCL
Y - year/month/date line indicator
yy/mm/dd -- two-digit year/month/day
C - \r (carriage return)
L - \n (newline)
Z - timestamp indicator
hh:mm:ss - local time
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