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        <title>Bancomm bc635VME Time and Frequency Processor</title>
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        <h3>bc635VME/bc350VXI Time and Frequency Processor</h3>
        <p>Address: 127.127.16.<i>u</i><br>
            Reference ID: BTFP<br>
            Driver ID: GPS_BANCOMM<br>
            Bancomm Device <tt>/dev/btfp0</tt><br>
            Requires: Bancomm bc635 TFP device module driver for SunOS 4.x/SunOS 5.x</p>
        <p>This is the clock driver for the Bancomm bc635VME Time and Frequency Processor. It requires the BANCOMM bc635VME bc350VXI Time and Frequency Processor Module Driver for SunOS 4.x/SunOS 5.x UNIX Systems.</p>
        <p>Most of this code is originally from refclock_bancomm.c with thanks. It has been modified and tested on an UltraSparc IIi-cEngine running Solaris 2.6. A port for HPUX is not available henceforth.</p>
        <h4>Additional Information</h4>
        <p><a href="../refclock.html">Reference Clock Drivers</a></p>
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