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		<title>NTP Bug Reporting Procedures</title>
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		<h3>NTP Bug Reporting Procedures</h3>
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		<h4> Security Bug Reporting Procedures</h4>
		<p>If you find or suspect a security related program bug in this distribution, please send a report to <a href="mailto:security@ntp.org">security@ntp.org</a>. Please do not contact developers directly.</p>
		<h4>Non-Security Bug Reporting Procedures</h4>
		<p>If you find or suspect a non-security related program bug in this distribution, please send a report to the NTP Public Service Project Bug Tracking System (Bugzilla) at <a href="http://bugs.ntp.org/">http://bugs.ntp.org/</a>. Bugs reported this way are immediately forwarded to the developers. Please do not contact the developers directly.</p>
		<p>If you find or suspect an error in the program documentation pages, please
			send a report directly to the editor David Mills at <a href="mailto:mills@udel.edu">mills@udel.edu</a>.
			The master documentation pages are not controlled by the bug tracking system.
			You are invited to contribute new or revised pages in similar style and format.</p>
		<p>If you wish to send a report via electronic mail, please remember that your report will be held until one of our volunteers enters it in Bugzilla. The email address for these reports is <a href="mailto:bugs@ntp.org">bugs@ntp.org</a>.  You will need to register at <a href="http://bugs.ntp.org/">http://bugs.ntp.org/</a> so that you may participate directly in any e-mail discussion regarding your report.</p>
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