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		<p>The following copyright notice applies to all files collectively called the Network Time Protocol Version 4 Distribution. Unless specifically declared otherwise in an individual file, this notice applies as if the text was explicitly included in the file.<br>
*                                                                     *
* Copyright (c) David L. Mills 1992-2006                              *
*                                                                     *
* Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and   *
* its documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby         *
* granted, provided that the above copyright notice appears in all    *
* copies and that both the copyright notice and this permission       *
* notice appear in supporting documentation, and that the name        *
* University of Delaware not be used in advertising or publicity      *
* pertaining to distribution of the software without specific,        *
* written prior permission. The University of Delaware makes no       *
* representations about the suitability this software for any         *
* purpose. It is provided &quot;as is&quot; without express or implied          *
* warranty.                                                           *
*                                                                     *
		<p>The following individuals contributed in part to the Network Time Protocol Distribution Version 4 and are acknowledged as authors of this work.</p>
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Mark Andrews &lt;;</a> Leitch atomic clock controller
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Bernd Altmeier &lt;;</a> hopf Elektronik serial line and PCI-bus devices
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Viraj Bais &lt;;</a> and <a href="">Clayton Kirkwood &lt;;</a> port to WindowsNT 3.5
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Michael Barone &lt;michael,;</a> GPSVME fixes
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Jean-Francois Boudreault &lt;;</a>IPv6 support
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Karl Berry &lt;;</a> syslog to file option
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Greg Brackley &lt;;</a> Major rework of WINNT port. Clean up recvbuf and iosignal code into separate modules.
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Marc Brett &lt;;</a> Magnavox GPS clock driver
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Piete Brooks &lt;;</a> MSF clock driver, Trimble PARSE support
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Reg Clemens &lt;;</a> Oncore driver (Current maintainer)
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Steve Clift &lt;;</a> OMEGA clock driver
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Casey Crellin &lt;;</a> vxWorks (Tornado) port and help with target configuration
			<li class="inline"><a href="mailto:%20Sven_Dietrich@trimble.COM">Sven Dietrich &lt;;</a> Palisade reference clock driver, NT adj. residuals, integrated Greg's Winnt port.
			<li class="inline"><a href="">John A. Dundas III &lt;;</a> Apple A/UX port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Torsten Duwe &lt;;</a> Linux port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Dennis Ferguson &lt;;</a> foundation code for NTP Version 2 as specified in RFC-1119
			<li class="inline"><a href="">John Hay &lt;;</a> IPv6 support and testing
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Glenn Hollinger &lt;;</a> GOES clock driver
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Mike Iglesias &lt;;</a> DEC Alpha port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Jim Jagielski &lt;;</a> A/UX port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Jeff Johnson &lt;;</a> massive prototyping overhaul
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Hans Lambermont &lt;;</a> or <a href="">&lt;;</a> ntpsweep
			<li class="inline"><a href="mailto:%20phk@FreeBSD.ORG">Poul-Henning Kamp &lt;phk@FreeBSD.ORG&gt;</a> Oncore driver (Original author)
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Frank Kardel</a> <a href="">&lt;;</a> PARSE &lt;GENERIC&gt; driver (14 reference clocks), STREAMS modules for PARSE, support scripts, syslog cleanup
			<li class="inline"><a href="">William L. Jones &lt;;</a> RS/6000 AIX modifications, HPUX modifications
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Dave Katz &lt;;</a> RS/6000 AIX port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Craig Leres &lt;;</a> 4.4BSD port, ppsclock, Magnavox GPS clock driver
			<li class="inline"><a href="">George Lindholm &lt;;</a> SunOS 5.1 port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Louis A. Mamakos &lt;;</a> MD5-based authentication
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Lars H. Mathiesen &lt;;</a> adaptation of foundation code for Version 3 as specified in RFC-1305
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Danny Mayer &lt;;</a>Network I/O, Windows Port, Code Maintenance
			<li class="inline"><a href="">David L. Mills &lt;;</a> Version 4 foundation: clock discipline, authentication, precision kernel; clock drivers: Spectracom, Austron, Arbiter, Heath, ATOM, ACTS, KSI/Odetics; audio clock drivers: CHU, WWV/H, IRIG
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Wolfgang Moeller &lt;;</a> VMS port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Jeffrey Mogul &lt;;</a> ntptrace utility
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Tom Moore &lt;;</a> i386 svr4 port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Kamal A Mostafa &lt;;</a> SCO OpenServer port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Derek Mulcahy &lt;;</a> and <a href="">Damon Hart-Davis &lt;;</a> ARCRON MSF clock driver
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Rainer Pruy &lt;;</a> monitoring/trap scripts, statistics file handling
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Dirce Richards &lt;;</a> Digital UNIX V4.0 port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Wilfredo S&aacute;nchez &lt;;</a> added support for NetInfo
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Nick Sayer &lt;;</a> SunOS streams modules
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Jack Sasportas &lt;;</a> Saved a Lot of space on the stuff in the html/pic/ subdirectory
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Ray Schnitzler &lt;;</a> Unixware1 port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Michael Shields &lt;;</a> USNO clock driver
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Jeff Steinman &lt;;</a> Datum PTS clock driver
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Harlan Stenn &lt;;</a> GNU automake/autoconfigure makeover, various other bits (see the ChangeLog)
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Kenneth Stone &lt;;</a> HP-UX port
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Ajit Thyagarajan &lt;;</a>IP multicast/anycast support
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Tomoaki TSURUOKA &lt;;</a>TRAK clock driver
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Paul A Vixie &lt;;</a> TrueTime GPS driver, generic TrueTime clock driver
			<li class="inline"><a href="">Ulrich Windl &lt;;</a> corrected and validated HTML documents according to the HTML DTD
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