nireport.1   [plain text]

.TH NIREPORT 1 "August 9, 1994" "Apple Computer, Inc."
nireport \- print tables from the NetInfo hierarchy
.B nireport
[ \fB-t\fR ] \fIdomain\fR \fIdirectory\fR [ \fIproperty\fR ...]
.I nireport
prints a table of values of properties in all subdirectories of the directory given on the command line (see "Examples").  Multiple values of a
property are printed in a comma-separated list.
.I domain
argument can be specified as an absolute or relative domain name. The \fIdomain\fR argument can also be specified as a network 
address or host name and tag if it is preceded by the \fI-t\fR option.

.B "-t"
Specify \fIdomain\fR as a network address or hostname and tag.

% nireport /software/duck /users name uid passwd
root  	0	0NNGzihc9ILeg
nobody	-2	*
agent 	1	*
daemon	1	*
uucp   	4	*
news   	6	*
sybase	8	*
me    	20	DJJ.KMEC.OgIY
% nireport -t crow/network /machines name ip_address serves
crow	./network,crow/local
robin	robin/local
raven  	./network,raven/local
duck	duck/local

Marc Majka, Apple Computer Inc.