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To Do List for neon                                      -*- text -*-

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For one-point-oh

Longer term

6. PUT with ranges... ne_put_range

9. DeltaV support ( See also the
   subversion project ( who might build
   a versioning system over DAV.

14. Improved request-header manipulation... some kind of indexed table
    (a la Apache, libghttp, so we're sure we don't add the same header
    to the request twice.  Better control over adding Cache-Control
    headers would be good too.

21. Storing multiple authentication "sessions" within an actual
    auth_session, so I can log into e.g. /foo/ and /bar/ (which are
    not in the same authentication domain) and switch between them
    without having to re-enter passwords all the time.

46. Asynchronous request-dispatching? Makes integration into GUI loop
    easy... any other reasons?  Must leave existing request_dispatch
    interface intact.

50. opendir/readdir/closedir-esque interface for PROPFIND depth 1, 
    a la EZDAV. (cadaver has it already)