ChangeLog   [plain text]

2002-05-16  Ed Beroset <>
   * (preproc.c): fixed unterminated macro bug error reporting
   * (nasmlib.h): changed strdup's arg to const char *
   * (nasmlib.c): changed strdup's arg to const char *

2002-05-12  Debbie Wiles <>
   * (insns.dat): fixed incorrect processor flags
   * (Mkfiles/ added optimisation, and changed to work with 0.98.31
   * (doc/nasmdoc.src): added %ifmacro, and tidied up format of code items.

2002-05-03  H. Peter Anvin <>
   * (nasm.c): Change the NASM environment variable to NASMOPT.

2002-05-03  H. Peter Anvin <>
   * ( Mkfiles/*): use new version -> version.{h,mac}.
   * ( support multiple input files (standard.mac, version.mac).
   * (standard.mac): use an explicit delimiter to end the TASM macros.
   * (nasm-version): remove, no longer needed.
   * ( script to produce version.h and version.mac from version.
   * (version): contains the official NASM version.
   * (nasm.h): include version.h.

2002-05-03  H. Peter Anvin <>

   * ( create output directory.
   * ( change cd ; to cd &&.
   * (rdoff/ handle building in a separate obj directory
2002-04-29  Stanislav Karchebny  <>

   * ( added 'strip' target to strip debug info.
   * (INSTALL): added INSTALL file.
   * (nasm.1): added -v option description.

2002-04-29  Frank Kotler  <>

   * (parser.c): fixed INCBIN bug reported by Rebel.

2002-04-11  Stanislav Karchebny  <>

   * Started ChangeLog for recording per-file changes in the project.
     We could get away without ChangeLog at all (use CVS logs), but we
     lose CVS so often its better to have log glued to the sources =)
     You should record changes in CHANGES also, not for every change
     but rather when making a release.