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2006-04-04  Eric Christopher  <>

	* nasm/doc/ (install): Place the html documentation
	also in the apple standard place.

2006-02-28  Eric Christopher  <>

	* nasm/insns.dat: Add VMX instructions.
	* nasm/insns.h: Add VMX define.

--- Tagged nasm-9 ---

2006-02-08  Eric Christopher  <>

	* nasm/doc/ (install): Make the info directory before
	attempting to install there.

2006-02-07  Eric Christopher  <>

	* (everything): Remove rdf directory.
	(install_everything): Ditto.

2006-02-03  Eric Christopher  <>

	* Makefile (Install_Target): Use install_everything.
	* nasm/version: Update.
	* nasm/doc/ (docdir): Set to $(prefix)/share/doc/nasm.
	Set install programs. Limit OUT to .info. Export srcdir PERL.
	( version depend is in $(srcdir).
	(install): Add $(DESTDIR).
	* nasm/doc/ Use Env. Add srcdir to lib.
	* nasm/doc/ Use Env. Fix usage of environment variables.
	* nasm/doc/nasmdoc.src: Add Mach-O documentation.

2006-02-02  Eric Christopher  <>
	    Wade Tregaskis  <>

	Import from Mainline:
	2006-02-02  Eric Christopher  <>
		    Wade Tregaskis  <>

	    * output/outmacho.c (macho_cleanup): Depend on symbols

2005-12-08  Eric Christopher  <>

	Import from Mainline:
	2005-12-08  Wade Tregaskis <>

	* nasm/nasm/output/outmacho.c (struct section): Added "align" field.
	(sectmap): Added ".rodata" section.
	(exact_log2): New.
	(macho_section): Added support for section attributes.
	"align=" and "data" specifically.
	(macho_write_segment): Write out section alignment to Mach-O file.

2005-12-05  Eric Christopher  <>

	Import from Mainline:
	2005-12-05  Eric Christopher  <>

        * nasm/nasm/output/outmacho.c (macho_write_section): Don't add
	section offset to the symbol to be relocated.
	(add_reloc): Update comment.

2005-10-14  Eric Christopher  <>

	* nasm/nasm/ Explicitly call install program from
	srcdir. Use DESTDIR as base install directory.
	* nasm/nasm/install-sh: Update.