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** Open BUGS **

** Fixed BUGS **
- Marked cutting sometimes leaves a newline in the file unintelligently,
  such as when all of a line is selected but the mark doesn't proceed to
  the new line. (8) [FIXED/IRRELEVANT]
- Certains are not lined up properly when there are tabs in them at 
  certain col values. (9) [FIXED]
- edit_refresh() and update_line() do not handle selecting text when the
  cursor is beyond COLS (10) [FIXED]
- no way to do a replace with the empty string (11) [FIXED, yay!]
- Spelling support is not elegant like Pico's integration of the 'spell'
  program.  Nano only uses ispell (for now) (12) [FIXED]
- Moving to the end of a line when close to a multiple of COLS and at
  least COLS * 2 does not make the screen jump early like it would for
  if we were around COLS (bugs in edit_refresh, update_line) (13)
  [FIXED, mostly]
- When at the very bottom of the edit window, do_wrap goes berserk and
  puts the cursor somewhere bad; subsequent keystrokes crash the program
  (14) [FIXED, mostly]
- Doing a replacement of a substring of the replace string (e.g. replacing
  "ed" with "fred" causes an infinite loop). (15) [FIXED]
- Cutting a file with marked text and both marker ends on the same line
  causes a random segfault (16) [FIXED]
- Cutting more than one line resets the KEEP_CUTBUFFER flag in 0.9.3.
  Error is in bitwise assignment (nano.h). (17) [FIXED]
- The wrapping code does not work right for lines like the following:
 *                                                                     *
  Error is in do_wrap, must be rewritten. (18) [FIXED]
- Nano fails to follow symlinks, even though -l isn't being used (20).
  [Bug in global flag init, FIXED]
- When using --help or --version, the SIGINT character gets lost. (21) [FIXED]
- edit_refresh() and update_line() (and related functions) have 
  trouble when a tab is the character that is the boundary at COLS (23)
- There is an off-by-one error in keeping track of totsize.  It is caused
  by the fact that we count the newline at the end when we read in a file
  but we do not, in fact, display this newline.  This should go away
  implicitly when the "Magic Line" returns, but it is noted here for
  documentation's sake. (24) [FIXED]
- In replace with completely adjacent strings, every other search string
  will be missed (try replace ':' in a string like ':::::::::') (28) [FIXED]
- If nano opens a read-only file with the --tempfile option, and a change
  is made to the buffer, and a write is attempted, nano will not give you
  a dialog about not being able to write the file, and it will not let the
  user exit (29, discovered by Joshua Jensen) [FIXED]
- Using nano -k, marked text is not cut properly. (31) [FIXED]
- Invoking -t or -k has the effect of invoking both options. (32) [FIXED]
- totsize becomes incorrect after word-wrapping (25) [FIXED]
- Wrapping a line with autoindent mode sometimes causes a segfault (19)
- When inserting files, the display sometimes fails to display properly
  until a pageup/down occurs (22) [FIXED]
- In search/replace code, there is too much refreshing in bottomwin (26)
- In replace, there is no way to accept the default replace string. (27)
- Using nano -t, user can not exit until a filename is given via ^O. (30)
- totsize problems still abound in do_justify (33) [FIXED]
- Using -k, cut text is not pasted properly. (34) [FIXED].
- Using -k, pasted text is not updated properly if it goes beyond editbot. (35)
- Doing a cut with -k can screw up the filestruct; fault is in cutting
 code. (36)  [FIXED]
- Hitting enter on the magic line makes new lines, but they are not
  written out to disk when saved..... (37). [FIXED]
- Page up and page down do not work the same way as in Pico (# of lines). (38)
- When doing a search and the marker is set, the screen does not always
  properly update the inverted text (39). [FIXED]
- Searches for a string that only exists on one line multiple times will
  fail after finding the last occurrence (discovered by Ken Tyler) (40).
- Alt-Z is currently broken to toggle suspend.  I guess I still don't know
  signals very well =-) (41) [FIXED].
- Unable to cut the entire file using the marker (discovered by Ken Tyler)
  (42). [FIXED]
- The keypad does not work when nano runs in the Gnome terminal (43). [FIXED]
- When reading in a file, if the file is a directory, the contents of the
  file being edited are blown away (discovered by  Chris Pimlot) (44). [FIXED]
- in certain terms, nano will leave a "ghost" of screen upon exit
  when called from inside mutt (among other settings) (45). [FIXED]
- In replace, hitting the Goto line shortcut key does nothing after a
  search string is entered (discovered by Rocco Corsi) (46) [FIXED].
- When typing in a string in search or replace and hitting CASE_SENSITIVE
  or the other search string, the current string edit is blown away in
  favor of the last stored search (47) [FIXED]
- If nano fails to open a file when it starts up, doing almost anything
  causes a segfault (discovered by Ben Roberts) (48). [FIXED]
- In certain terminals, nano would not work properly with keypad().
  Turned out to be the silly timeout(0) call, which is completely
  unneeded, anyway.  (49) [FIXED]
- With less than a page of text, doing a page down will move the
  current line to the top of the screen, which it shouldn't do.  (50) 
- with PDCURSES, running meta-X turns off the keypad.  (51) [FIXED]
- Resizing the window completely screws up the display if in any other
  mode than normal editing (help screen, search and replace, file
  browser..) (52) [FIXED]
- Alt speller argument (-s, --speller) does not take a string argument of
  more than one word. (53) [FIXED].
- Cut to end cutting (-k) causes segfaults (try cutting "- Backup making
  (filename~)?" line in TODO file) (discovered by
  higuita@cadernoverde.com) (54) [FIXED].
- When using autoindent (-i), wrapped text does not get autoindented
  (55, discovered by Mark Senior) [FIXED].
- When using -R (regex) and -p (Pico mode), subsequent searches after
  the first fail if no string is entered (56) [FIXED].
- Page down on a file of editwinrows fails (again). Reported by Ryan
  Krebs (57) [FIXED].
- File browser aborts on Solaris in qsort() call.  (Reported by
  Matthias Andree) (58) [FIXED].
- Can modify the current file in view mode with ^W^R (discovered by Rocco
  Corsi) (58) [FIXED].
- When page up is used after two page down's, the screen doesn't update
  properly (discovered by David Lawrence Ramsey) (59) [FIXED].
- On BSD systems, marked cutting sna paste often screws up the
  last line in the cutbuffer (discovered by Barry Pederson) (60) [FIXED]
- Blank lines are not kept when cutting with -k (discovered by Rocco)
  (61) [FIXED].
- Nano will not suspend properly inside of mutt (62) [FIXED].
- When switching from Pico mode to normal mode, the previous search is
  not displayed until cancelling the search (63) [FIXED].
- If you change search options but don't change the search string in
  normal mode, hitting  enter causes the search/replace to abort (64)
  (Jordi Mallach) [FIXED].
- Cutting one line of text causes the screen to recenter the line
  (reported and fixed by David Lawrence Ramsey) (65) [FIXED].
- When cutting marked text including the bottom of the file, a new   
  "magic line" is not created" (reported by David Lawrence
  Ramsey, fixed by David Lawrence Ramsey & Chris) (66) [FIXED].
- ^C does not work after a suspend in tcsh (discovered by
  Trevor Cordes) (68) [FIXED].
- Home and End control keys (^A, ^E) do not always work in filename
  prompt (bug found by Ian Turner) (69) [1.0 series only] [FIXED].
- Trying to insert a file of 0 bytes will hang nano (70) [FIXED].

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